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With Creep turned OFF: I've noticed the I-pace seems to have a soft "park" mode if I'm stopped at a traffic light. A small blue sign on the dash will say "park"... and another sign that says "ready". If I let go of the break
it won't roll. I also notice that if I'm parked facing up a hill it won't roll backwards after stopping but it has no problem rolling forward if I'm stopped facing down a hill.

It gets really tricky when you try to enter one of the car washes that pulls your car through using a roller next to your front wheels. I always have to tap the accelerator slightly to get it to unlock the wheels.
and then I'll press and hold both mirror buttons to get them to retract. hot tip of the day.

Originally Posted by Abs2780 View Post
So my car is at the dealer in Sacramento, it had a update on the infortainment system and when I took it I told them of some of the things I noticed.

So the creep mode is on, but the car wont roll going from Park to Drive or reverse at times. Not always sometimes. If you tap the speed slightly the break releases and it starts to move again.

We tried it at the dealer and when it went from park to drive it felt like the car is trying to move but the breaks were holding on to it and than my break lamp would come on, even though the car was on Drive. If I tap the speed a little it released and moved? I didnt think that was normal and the dealer agreed. Its been with them for 3 days now and they can not seem to figure that out.

Anyone else noticed this issue or similar?
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