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Upcoming Improvements to the I-Pace

for those that don't do FaceBook:

Posted by Robin Ostlin:

Some positive hard facts on comming up dates, google translated from the Norwegian I-Pace forum... Thanks Trond Harald Klaveness that gave me OK to snatch this for you. (Originally posted by Jaguar Norway)

""In connection with the Drivers Experience event we had at Rudskogen Motorsenter in September, we had a visit by the chief engineer of I-PACE Stephen Boulter. He has been able to answer some questions from both customers and interested parties. Below we highlight some of the points listed in the starting thread.

Infotainment is not made by JLR, but by a third party The infotainment system comes from other model lines and is therefore not developed specifically for I-PACE. Due to many extra functions around battery management, charging and the like. the amount of data and processes is significantly higher than for other models. This means that Engineering is working on improvements that will optimize the speed of processing this data by prioritizing tasks and removing irrelevant processes. But the upgrades depend on national standards and equipment variants.
- SOTA currently handles only Infotainment. More modules will come later. This is absolutely right. Already this year there will be a physical update to be made at the dealer. It will open up for more updates via SOTA. Specifically, from Stephen Boulter, the following will happen:

1. In October we’ll be informing all existing I-Pace customers about a significant new SW update. Through a mixture of real customer data harvesting and a dedicated development fleet, we have been optimizing the Jaguar I-Pace to make a number of improvements:
• Improved Regenerative Braking:
Regen can now operate at lower speeds and is stronger at higher SoC. This im-proves the 1 pedal driving experience and efficiency.

The battery management, charging module and telematics unit will be updateable over the air.
We have improved the efficiency of the I-Pace in real world driving conditions, which resulted in range improvements of up to 8%. Some of the improvements are particularly effective in cold temperatures:
In ECO mode, the torque split is optimized for better efficiency
Higher depth of discharge in the battery
Optimized cooling strategy to enable the active vanes to be closed more of the time
Improved cell balancing strategy
Prioritize heat recovery from ambient at start up, this allows the vehicle to reach optimum operating temperature sooner
Reduce use of high voltage heater

- Improved charging curve coming (100 kW over a longer register) Jaguar Land Rover has been conservative around DC charging from the start. This has been to protect the battery, but after 1 year of experience and data collection it opens up to be able to charge more efficiently. Depending on the car's status (especially state of charge and battery temperature), charging efficiency is defined from a look-up table stored in the BCCM (Battery Charging Control Module). When conditions are optimal (battery temperature 30 degrees and tate of Charge below 10%), BCCM will ask the charging station for 107 kW. In all other cases, the charging speed will be lower and cannot be maintained for long periods. In countries like Norway, the battery rarely reaches 30 degrees. But with large amounts of data collected and experience from test cars and with over 800,000 kilometers driven, Engineering is almost ready for optimizations that will provide more efficient charging. In particular, one should focus on loosening up the requirements for temperature and State of Charge.
- In general, JLR is very focused on improved charging and efficiency (range) This is correct. Engineering is already focusing this year on improving the efficiency of charging.
- To fully replenish the battery, the battery must be given the necessary time to balance the cells. You can 'lose' more kWh if you charge the charging cable too early even when the car reports to be full. Smarter balancing algorithms are being worked on to reduce this 'problem'. This is correct, it is something that most electric car manufacturers work with and there will be ongoing optimizations via SOTA.
- The maximum theoretical charging speed for I-Pace is 107 kW. This is also true.
- There will be an update at the end of this month. This update is scheduled to come this month.""
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This is really great news. I'm happy to see that JLR is acknowledging the infotainment issue, providing a reasonable explanation for the sluggishness and that they are working on it. I don't know why OEMs outsource their technology brand identity; it's such an important factor in a purchasing decision especially for younger buyers. Tesla absolutely nails this.

Efficiency and DC charging curve improvements are welcome, of course.
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Wonder if coming in October includes cars in USA. Mine goes into the shop on Monday for h228, 207, and 221, I'll see if they heard any news on any of these items.
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This is all very excellent news, definitely solves quite a few of the items that I've been wishing for improvement on. As glad as I am that they are going to adjust the DCFC charging curve I am a little saddened by the maximum of 107kW. I would really loved to see that improved or see a much more aggressive charge profile that holds peak speeds for significantly longer (similar to E-Tron). Can't wait to do a charging test with the new software upon release!

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