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Originally Posted by epirali View Post
So I need help here. I am relatively tech savvy, not a total idiot, yes the function of the speed limiter is a mystery to me. So when I just turn it on and its orange it pretty much tells me I am going too fast and tries to prevent me from speeding up at ANY speed (even when it shows the speed limit detected at 50 it complains at 35). And then when its green for auto speed it doesn't seem to always drop the speed when the speed limit changes. I understand it won't go up, but doesn't always go down. And btw it ALWAYS turns on when you set cruise.

So I am not even sure what action causes which mode to turn on (orange or green), and I don't understand if its just not working properly for the non cruise mode.

Anyone else? Any tips? Insights?
According to the manual the limiter only forces the vehicle to stay below the selected speed perhaps as a method for the driver to not accidentally go over the limit. The adaptive speed limiter is supposed to read speed limit signs and keep the driver under the limit even as the limit changes.

I think it's a useless feature that confused me too the first time I wanted to engage the cruise control.
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