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Originally Posted by alphanstein View Post
Exact reason I didn't consider powerwalls. Combined with too many posts online about users that have issues with their powerwalls and then taking months to get them resolved, and in the meantime, they pay for the system and don't get compensated for the lost power they pay to the utility. I have a guarantee from my installer that I will be covered during warranty coverage for the first 10 years on the battery.

Tesla is a company that is trying to do too many things just okay instead of a few things great. Their leadership is pulling them apart bit by bit and will be the demise of them until they get a real independent board that smacks them with a wake up call about bringing value back to the shareholders while trying to be great in what they should focus on.
Our system took forever to get certified by the power company, but it was already one anyway since we had solar running. That said, as a product, Powerwalls are simply fantastic. We've had a few power outages, and while our neighbors are futzing with generators or sitting in the dark, we're taking showers and running the heat pump. On neighbor did a roll your own system, but it only runs have of his house and doesn't charge off solar when the power is out. Meanwhile, I could go pull the main breaker right now and live all summer, assuming I charged the EV only some from home.
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