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I came to write about this today and saw your post. As much as I am not a fan of Tesla cars I admire what they have managed so far and I really want the company to succeed. But I have always believed it was too much hype and self propagating delusion and I am afraid the bubble is bursting.

I believe there is a real car company somewhere in there (no it is NOT a tech company, it is NOT a startup, let's stop pretending). It needs real management, focus on quality, service, polishing the brand, creating a REAL luxury BEV. It doesn't need "missions" and it needs to stop propagating hype and misleading people about state of technology and needs to learn the basics, like a high quality paint job and details MATTER to a luxury car (not the dreams of summoning your car like a horse).

And honestly this whiplash obsession with kiddy racer speed needs to be replaced by an actual drivetrain that balances ride and dynamics. I can see Tesla being a very successful company making all kinds of BEVs from Audi/BMW level sedans to real compelling two seater sport cars (no not rockets that are so heavy they will fly off the road and can only sustain speed for five minutes).

And I wonder how many more Tesla sedans could be sold in the US if there was a small ReX option available a-la i3 (but actually in a useful configuration) and it removed any final range anxiety. I don't mean a-la Volt for extended drive, but to know you can get to another charging station or get home for that last 30-50 miles.

Obviously it is not the magic company valued higher than major car makers, but it could exist and thrive as an actual small car company valued accordingly.
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