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Originally Posted by jsimon7777 View Post
Dismal because there's no way the board will fire Musk, and there's no way his ego would let them file chapter 11, and because I have four powerwalls that I want supported.
Well, yeah, I guess that part is pretty dismal.
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Originally Posted by McRat View Post
Here's what is truly puzzling. If Elon Musk is telling the truth that their batteries are cheaper than anyone else's, why aren't they selling batteries to fund their losses in car sales?
All becomes clear when you realize he is NOT telling the truth. There's a surefire way to know when Musk is lying - his lips are moving.
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Originally Posted by epirali View Post
And then there is the Audi GTR...YOWZA.


Coming very close to replacing the Aventador as my favorite car design ever.

Originally Posted by epirali View Post
I think Tesla is about to have its “Emperor’s new clothes” moment when compared to real performance and luxury BEVs.
Or...... some other folks might be:

Originally Posted by Bridor View Post
What a bunch of sore losers you all sound like. There is no other car near the level of a Tesla from any other manufacturer. Now is the time to buy while the stock is a bargain. The stock will rebound. Once people realize how awful the Jaguar i-Pace, the Audi e-Tron and every other electric car out there is, Tesla will regain traction........... I absolutely love my 2016 Tesla Model S P100D - the best car I have ever owned and it puts all other cars to shame.
You sound like..... what do they call it?

Originally Posted by Bridor View Post
I own three Teslas and will only be buying Tesla vehicles from here on out.
Hey that's really great! Have a nice life Brent.

Be sure to use autopilot as much as possible, okay?
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Looks like I got my "LOLTSLA" custom license plate just in time!

Actually, as both an I-PACE and a Tesla owner, I have mixed feelings about it all. I honestly don't think EVs would be where they are today if it weren't for Elon's eccentricities and entrepreneurship. He undoubtedly sped things up in the right direction. That said, I don't think Tesla the *business* is sustainable. I think the only thing that will save them in the long run is to transform into a conventional car company and to double-down on perfecting the technology they've built *today* rather than push out Beta versions of the technology they think they can build tomorrow.

I don't think they'll pull that off though, and all of the more "conventional" car companies are going to copy the pieces of Tesla that have shown to be the most successful among customers and throw in a healthy dose of consistency, predictability, reliability, quality, luxury, etc. that the less adventurous car buyers are going to trust when buying their next car.

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Tesla single-handedly made the EV fashionable. Nobody can take that away from them.

But as a businessman, he hurt the company quite a bit. The first mistake was making the Tesla DCFC grid a cost center instead of a profit center. It would not have affected sales much if at all to charge for power.
Second was shipping cars with 100% of the hardware, but making paying for the hardware optional. This is OK with a software-only business model, but not large ticket hard goods.
Third was Panic pushes every quarter. Panic Mode production is more expensive than 'Continuous Improvement' and JIT scheduled production.
Last was exaggerating constantly as a marketing tool. It makes short term sales and TSLA share price bumps, but in the long term it's a bad path, and the #1 why I and many others were nervous about buying a Tesla.

Yes, there were other blunders, but if those 4 (common sense) business decisions were done right, TSLA would be in the black in by 2016.

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And then there is this:

Market Convinced Jaguar Bankruptcy Only A Matter Of Time


Jaguar Land Rover Seeking Investment After Shocking Losses

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This one is a bit more recent and upbeat, but it definitely isnt pretty in JLR.

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This response about EVs and diesel cy JLR CEO Ralf Speck in a recent interview caught my eye:

“As demand for diesels and V-8 gasoline engines decline do you ever question your powertrain strategy?

No, definitely not. I believe we will continue to need this mix. According to industry forecasters, a global share of 20 percent to 30 percent for electrified vehicles is expected by 2025. When you turn this around, it means that 70 percent to 80 percent of all vehicles around the world will have conventional engines. Let me add that today’s diesels, which are absolutely CO2-efficient and clean.

Why is electric mobility still not important to consumers?

On one hand, the products are still too expensive. On the other hand, the infrastructure is still too inconvenient and unreliable, so electric cars tend to be for people with deep pockets.”

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@dennis : I am confused, what does JLR financial status have to do with Teslas? Is this part of Tesla fandoms view of the universe, that if JLR has issues then Tesla is financially sound?

Or is it simply a tit for tat that is meant to distract from the topic?
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I posted it to show that rumors of companies being In Trouble (the thread title) and teetering on bankruptcy abound when there are financial plays to be made off of those rumors.

Since JLR isn’t shorted like Tesla its financial situation is not publicized like Tesla’s is. I would venture a guess that less than half of the i-Pace owners here were aware of JLR’s financial issues, need to raise capital, $4.5B cost cutting program, etc.There are lots of ideas thrown around in this thread about how to “fix Tesla”. How would the owners here fix JLR?
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