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Originally Posted by sflgator View Post
Consider yourself lucky. Certainly surprised you haven't had any issues nor find the Infotainment system slow and buggy. My I-Pace absolutely has the latest software updates and the voice recognition for Navigation works 50% of the time at best and it's still super slow compared to other lux vehicles I've been in; it's just horrible. Then, I hop into my 2012 Nissan GT-R and the voice recognition for Navi and other controls work flawlessly for everything...and it's 7 years old! Oh, and of course none of our other cars have ever had any issues with the air conditioning. Glad you have a trouble-free I-Pace but as you said, there's still time, lol. I have > 8k on mine (although I would've had > 10k mi. already if not for all the issues and time it spends at my dealer).
Why the **** are you using the in-system nav? CarPlay or Android Auto are the way to go. I've NEVER gotten the voice nav to work, but I've only tried it a handful of times as a curiosity--because why the **** would I use inferior nav? Not excusing JLR, but haven't figured out the benefit of using in system nav when the built-in alternatives work much better(especially around the accuracy of travel times with traffic.)

I've also never tried the auto parking system, because who the **** needs the car to park itself--especially with a backup camera & front and rear sensors?

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