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AC blows hot in pre-conditioning...

The ac seems to run fine when I'm driving the car (SFAIK-- maybe it's not cooling as quickly as it should).

I've only done a few loosely scheduled trips, and I noticed several times it wasn't very cool when I got in. I chalked that up to delaying my actual departure past the time I had scheduled, and the cab reheating in the meantime in the hot sun after the time had expired.

I happened to get in the car during some pre-conditioning time today, and I noticed the air was not cold at all.

Can the system cool while running but not in pre-conditioning? I expect the moving air flow helps the heat transfer, but the fan runs during pre-conditioning for the same purpose.

Unrelated question: why do my line returns turn into doubled line spacing? Is there a preference I can change to get single spacing? I've looked around but haven't seen anything like that.

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