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Originally Posted by McRat View Post
The first Tesla had a two speed. Elon said it was an engineering impossibility to make one that would endure EV torque. Little did he know, we were building >1250 ftlb six speed gearboxes before the first Tesla was prototyped. Durability? Mine has over 100,000 miles including several hundred dragstrip passes at several tracks, and weighs 7,850lb.
It was an impossibility for *Tesla* to build a two speed transmission that could handle the torque. Also, I'd imagine the strains of a two speed EV transmission are different from those of a six speed manual or automatic. No torque converter or clutch to damp the onset of torque. A greatly extended RPM range for the torque to be applied in each gear, 12000 for ipace and 18000 for at least the Model S and X. VAG has a lot more mechanical engineering prowess.

It's gonna be fun to option up the Taycan. It probably comes standard with a mono stereo.
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