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On a different note about EV watering hole's -- I got EVED ( Electric Vehicle Etiquette Dismay) yesterday. Just coined the phrase! And that too by a new IPace owner in Charlotte. I was at a EVGo fast charger at 10 am, in desperate need of some electrons, before a big business meeting. The offending driver had plugged in and left. I waited till 11:40 am and he still did not return. His car was blocking the only fast charger in the area and he had finished fully charging a long while ago!!
Besides the total lack of etiquette, the guy does not realize he is paying big bucks to charge from 80 to 100% as the fast charger trickles much slower, once you reach 80%.

Any suggestions as to how to circumvent this problem? Is there some way to disconnect the charging cable from the offending car, once full charge has been achieved?
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