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Juicebox and its app can do as you want.

I have the Juicebox Pro 40. Initially I plugged it into where my clothes drier plugs in and set the maximum current via app to 25A since the drier circuit breaker is 30A. I increased it to 40A after installing a dedicated outlet with a 50A circuit breaker. The car charging is at a lower rate at the 25A setting than it is at 40A.

You can also set up profiles for different cars or use Juicebox supplied default profiles. Even if you start with the Juicebox profile for the I-pace you can adjust the maximum charging current for it via the app. You could set up multiple profiles for the I-pace with different charging rates. You would only have to change the profile in-use to change the charging rate. It is easy to do in the app.

The car profile can also specify 1-phase or 3-phase, depending on the car's equipment.
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