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Oh my bad. I took cow farts for granted because AOC said so.

A common misconception is that the cow’s rear end emits methane, however the vast majority is released orally. Researched carried out by Grainger et al. in 2007 found that 92-98 % was emitted orally (I won’t go into detail about how they found that out!).

A dairy cow emits over twice the amount of methane than a beef cow and is by far the highest contributor of all the animals studied. There are also more dairy cows in the UK than beef cattle (1.81 million compared to 1.66 million).
Your glass of milk is worse then my steak.

You might not have heard:

Methane is a natural gas in the Earth, and the amount that comes from cattle is actually more insignificant than that naturally produced from such sources as volcanoes, the oceanic floor, swamps, etc.
We must ban volcanoes, the ocean floor and swamps immediately.

And finally.....

Cows that stand in the shade do not produce chocolate milk

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