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If you do the math, the fees are more expensive then the amount paid in gas tax, a lot more. These things are of course unfair and tactics from the big oil company lobbyists and republicans (politicians) to force the decline and retard the EV (Alternate Fuel) sales and technology advancements. Look what happen to sales in Georgia when the did this, sales declined 80%; they know what they're doing. The climate and impact we humans are having on the encroaching crash of our ecosystem is of little concern to them. Their positions will of course change when it hits home for them which is encroaching quickly. Sad they can't understand these things in foresight, it is closer than they can imagine.

Not a single citizen would agree to this. Aren't our elected officials suppose to be doing what we want?, what is right by us and the general population. Where is the existing infrastructure money going? Managing the inefficiencies of the system would go "a lot" further but of course that wouldn't give them all the latitude to lavishly line their pockets.

Too much to comment on this and similar subjects. We need an organized middle class with a voice loud enough to effect a change and send a message to the big company lobbyists and politicians that they can't have rule over what is right.

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