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Originally Posted by Dantrium View Post
Wow! I’ve never even heard of someone that hates the environment, but you know some in government?

btw - if someone is spending $90k on a personal vehicle to ‘save the planet’ they are are doing it wrong...
Lots of people happily pollute because they can make money in the process. I see it time and time again in government and individuals. Our government has opened up more and more nature preserves to drilling. Individuals purposefully roll coal in their lifted trucks and then park in front of superchargers. What else is it other than hatred of the environment?

I don't really care about me and our 90k car. I care about widespread adoption of EVs. California quite smartly put income caps on the state EV rebates. They even have given people with high incomes who are under the cap the option of getting carpool passes versus rebates. This didn't seem to make a dent in Tesla sales, and I bet Californians have, per capita, bought more I-Paces than any other state. EVs will be, in the long run, a massive positive for the environment. Raising taxes on EVs to pay for corrupt infrastructure projects and help prolong the oil industry's profits is just sick.

Honestly, the 7500 fed tax credit should have a price cap of 50k or so, or better yet it should be a tax rebate that goes up the lower the income.
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