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So my I Pace is still at the dealer for over 2 weeks now. Dealer has seen what the car is doing and agrees that I Pace should move smoothly going from Park to drive or reverse with Creep mode on. The one thing that is concerning is that when when the dealer tested it going from Park to Drive, with creep mode on, the Car tried to roll like normal but it did not, it made scratching noise and the Park light came on. I did not pay attention to the park light coming on but the dealer did on multiple occasions. So they recorded what the car was doing and have sent it to UK for Jaguar engineers to tell them on a fix. Nothing yet the dealer has tested multiple things , such as breaks, batteries and now waiting on UK to decide what to do. The dealer tested other I Pace that were on their lots and all of them did the same thing. I think UK is testing the models out there at this time to see if it’s the same as they asked for the dealer to record a video and send it to them.

Does anyone hear little squirrels, like the suspension making noise when moving from Park?
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