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no, the carpool program for EV's will terminate forever in 2022 as the new Governor Moonbeam makes owning an EV a stupid option for California unless you have a lot of solar and batteries hooked up for your car use at home.

Use it while you can.

Also, get used to using Waze as your GPS system for 2022. Carpool lane surfing very effective using waze.

Been surfing the car pool lane for a long time before EV use made it redundant and never got caught, though I had a few close calls.

Looks like those skills will be leaned on again in around 2022 once again.

PG&E going to be turning up power costs 3x to cover their and the state of California Incompetence by then anyways.

Remarkable reading Mark Twain comments about California and San Francisco political bungling from over 100 years ago.

Seems nothing has changed since he made the observation......
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