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Originally Posted by CyberSlug View Post
To those that took delivery in CA and applied for your CAV decals, how long did it take from when you sent in the form / check? I sent mine in on 2/16 and haven't heard back yet (and the check hasn't hit my bank).
I sent mine in December 2018 and it was just delivered today. Long time. We thought they lost it or there was some problem we were unaware of. I was expecting a you didn't fill out something correctly form, didn't receive that just took a long time.

On another note I didn't realize that they want me to place four stickers on the car! My car is too pretty for four stickers. I'm seriously having second thoughts if it is worth it. I have fast pass already so not sure how much I'm going to gain by having diamond access that isn't already fast pass. Hmmmmm.
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