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Agreed, the more EV options the better for everyone. I, like the majority of people on this forum, bought an I-Pace with my eyes wide open. I read every review about the I-Pace out there and knew about the laggy infotainment and the less than stellar consumption but decided that the positives like the gorgeous/totally unique looks, fit and finish, driving dynamics etc. far outweighed the negatives. I placed an order without actually having seen or driven one because I decided no other currently-available or available-in-the-near-future EV fulfilled my needs like the I-Pace. My daily commute is less than 80 miles and the furthest that I will ever drive one-way is 120 miles, so range is not an issue for me. I always charge overnight at home so the current lack of fast charging infrastructure and the slower AC charging speed doesn't bother me. Sure, I get nervous every time the screens take a bit too long to light up or get a bit annoyed at the lack of some advertised features, but the smile that it brings to my face every time I walk up to my blue beauty, even after three weeks of ownership, more than makes up for it.
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Everyone that asks me at work if I like the IPace I say yes im very impressed, but the infotainment software needs work. But on the other hand, the current infotainment actually does everything I need it to and I can live with the little bit of lag that it has so in my opinion its fine and would not stop me from buying one. However this Audi stuff really looks similar with different designs and of course much faster response.
I do believe that our infotainment will also get a makeover sometime, my local dealer was hinting at late January for something new to possibly be released.....that would be right about now

BUT...the I-Pace clearly wins the design and overall engineering hands down.
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And another thing I definitely dont miss is all of that "Schmutz" on the back window as Bjrn calls it. The I-Pace does not have that problem even without a rear window wiper. I drive in the same conditions that he does and am Schmutzfree
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The only things I really miss from the Audi are:
  1. Fast charging rate (maintaining 150kw until 80% is awesome, and I doubt we'll ever see 100kw to 80% on our i-Paces)
  2. Motorized charge ports on both sides
  3. Night vision (I had it on my 2012 A6, and it is really useful in snow storms when you are crawling along and can't make out the road)
  4. Integrated Toll Module (wouldn't have to stick something on the windshield)

I really do love the i-Pace, I just wish Jaguar would have had these things.

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Originally Posted by sciencegeek View Post
I too am a big Audi fan but the looks of this one are just horrible. What's with the bulky snout? There is no reason whatsoever to design it that way!
Hood must be filled with a supercomputer to run the infotainment
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Originally Posted by Time2Roll View Post
Hood must be filled with a supercomputer to run the infotainment
You get a good look at whats under the hood at the very end of this banana box test

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In my opinion Tesla really is the leader in infotainment systems / software development for cars. They obviously struggle in many other areas within the auto industry but their software development is good stuff. Take away the slowness / laggyness of the IPace infotainment, its simply another car infotainment system and doesnt really stand out at all.
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A lot of the problems we've seen in cars since 2016 have been CarPlay, Android Auto, and HotSpot WiFi.
When the Model S came out, there were quite a bit of infotainment issues, laggy interface, and locking up the display. Without CP and AA.
But they were not alone.

The #1 buyer service complaint today is Infotainment. It used to be TPMS (tire pressure system).

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VW/Porsche/Audi will make great EV's and I may look at some of the upcoming Porsches and Audi EV's a few years from now to replace my Jaguar I-Pace. BUT, what I really don't like about the new E-Tron SUV are the fact that it's basically a slightly larger, heavier Q5 with plain jane exterior and interior and it's somewhat slow...stupid that they only allow for short "bursts" (like 8-10 sec bursts) for the full 400HP/>500lb-ft TQ; otherwise, it's a slow, clunky SUV. It should have the ability like our I-Paces to just drive all the time in a Dynamic mode with FULL POWER, any time, all the time, lol.

I would be more interested in the new Audi E-Tron GT based on the Porsche Taycan, but not sure I want to go back to a sedan. One great advantage of the Audi EV over the Jaguar I-Pace is like others already said...a much faster and probably much less buggy Infotainment system! I do not like that the I-Pace Voice Commands, especially for Navigation, only work like 50% of the just plain sucks! The technology for the Voice Recognition in the Jaguar I-Pace is like from 2004.

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