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I-Pace vs Tesla Model S

Guess who wins?

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I was reading it thinking Hooray, at last a review where I haven't found fault Left, Right and Centre with sloppy jouranlism

No mention of Charging - no test for Taper or anything remotely like that.

No comparison of Autopilot, or any of the goodies that Tesla has (and presumably Jag has some of its own)

No mention of the (impressive, to me at least) off-roading ability of the Jag

No mention of Fade on the track - which i suspect the Tesla would have after only a few minutes, and quite possible the Jag would not have at all

No mention of Winter Weather (and whether, for example, the Heat Pump on the Jag is a solution)

And a summation that "Fast charging is coming soon so you will only wait 30 minutes to charge" when, for most people, a 30% increase in Battery and/or efficiency improvement would take the car to 400-ish mile range, and road-charging would then become so rare as to only be needed on across-country trips.
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If you're looking for the definitive article on this, or any, topic, you're probably gonna have to write it yourself.
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I owned an S for 3 years and 50,000 miles. Give me an IPace for a few hours to days and I'll fill everyone in...

His: 2013 Tesla Model S - Sold 06/2018. Looking for an EV-SUV
Hers: 2018 Tesla Model 3
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Own a Model S 75D 2017, and Now an I-Pace.

Like the seating position of the I-Pace better.
Ride quality of I-pace is better. (have 22's)
Acceleration feels more linear than the Model S which seemed to always want to surge forward, at any speed.
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Rented a 2018 Tesla Model S 75D from Enterprise for 2 days and drove about 100 miles.
The Jaguar was rated by 5 out of 5 drivers (4 with professional performance/safety training) and it was unanimous better overall from a driving experience.

The Tesla did have some advantages, but none involved comfort, ergo, handling, sound level, or suspension. Mostly folk liked having a notebook computer screen 10° below the traffic focal point. Some like the more aggressive tip-in on the throttle. Some liked the more mild regen (set to high in both cars). Some like the looks of the Tesla exterior more. Some liked the branding more.

The surprise was that the Jaguar did not use more power per mile than the MS75D even though the EPA said it uses 33% more power each mile, with the Jaguar using a whopping 44 kwh / 100 miles and the MS75D using a mild 33kWh / 100 miles. We beat the Jaguar EPA rating during the test, but could not match the MS rating. Even the Historical Rating on the Tesla was higher than EPA cycle tests.

Did not do charging tests since we didn't drain the batteries enough. We do know the Jag will go from ~25-80% in ~40 min from driveway to departure. It averages about 45kW-80kW for more than 1/2 a charge based on the speed of the charger, 50kW or >50kW. Most our charging has been done at High Speed CCS sites. So we average about 75kW speeds.
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Jaguar i-Pace FE Photon Red 20" wheels, "Leaper"
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That has been my experience whenever I’ve driven a Model S, the real range is nowhere near stated model range. It is in line with other EVs that list range more realistically. I could get maybe 170 mile range in same conditions I’d get around 210 from I Pace. This is for 70 vs 90 KWHr battery.
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Spoke to a detailer a while back who had 2 Teslas (X and 3) and we began discussing range. He said when he drives like a teenager he'd get 50-60% of stated range. I don't think the I-Pace would be that bad (117-140mi range) no matter how hard you pushed it in normal driving conditions (other than maybe at 100MPH for 120 mi).
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The Jaguar I-Pace is a driver's car built for the European Market.

The Tesla, any Tesla, is a cheaply made electric vehicle built for an American market. Oh, and they are sold at a high price.

They may be around the same price, but that is the only comparison that can be drawn between the two.

Sorry to all the Tesla buyers - I am sure you like your EV. Jaguar owners like their cars.
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Love. Not like.

Photon FE, 2013 FR-S, 2014 Forester, and maybe going to get a Fiat 500e
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