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Originally Posted by ejbritto View Post
I got my I-Pace delivered to me January 12, 2019. The dealer in Greensboro, NC told me the tax credit of $7,500 would be applied through your CPA when you did your taxes next year. Does anyone know how one recovers the tax credit?
I just bought my wife a 2019 BMW 530e hybrid -- BMY dealer gave me $5000 off the MSRP at the time of delivery.
Any ideas and help appreciated.
I don't know how dealer can give you the federal tax credit, it is a credit you apply when filing your taxes (so depending on when you took delivery it would apply to that years taxes). You also may have state specific credits available, you should check in your state.

And finally don't forget some states there are credits for installing/buying the L2 EVSE and/or some utilities will give credit for electric bills.
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