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A few problems...

I picked up my car in mid-January and have ~275 miles on it. Three problems have occurred that seem like software problems - but I won't know that for sure until it is returned from the shop where it is now.

1. From Day 1, the screen above the steering wheel was not operable/changeable via the thumb wheel. It displayed one gauge in the middle, the nav system on the right, and a series of blinking error messages on the left that could not be cleared. The thumb wheel does control the volume on the radio well so I don't think that is the source of the problem.

2. Intermittent connection issues with the Remote App on my iPhone. Worked for a few days, stopped for about 10 days, began again spontaneously. In the interim I called Jaguar support and they checked the servers/etc. and said things looked OK there. They recommended asking the Dealer to look at it.

3. Most recent issue was the failure of my ChargePoint charger to get a satisfactory hand-shake with the car on two separate scheduled midnight-6AM charging sessions. It had worked twice before, Then stopped for these more recent ones. Chargepoint did their diagnostics and said everything was OK from their end, The car's battery manager was "not accepting" the charge.

Bottom line: I love the performance of the car - handling, acceleration, etc, as well as the high quality of the physical elements of the car. But I definitely feel like a beta-tester of a new piece of software. I'm old enough to remember the joke about the British drinking warm beer because of the poor quality of Lucas electronics. And to have experienced same on a Triumph TR-3 I had in the early 70s. For this car I was hoping that this was in the past... But now I am not so sure! Just hoping they get these bugs worked out!
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