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Well... It took 12h45m to fully charge from 0% to 100%. (Says 99% but car reports charged full, and stops charging).

It is not linear.

To climb from 0% to 50% requires 40.3 kWh from the wall.
To climb from 50% to 100% requires 51.6 kWh from the wall.
Total drawn power 91.9 kWh. Assuming 87.6% efficiency based on a different car with 32a L2 charging, that means 80.48 kWh made it into the battery. However the air temp at the car was 49-58F during the charging with intermittent rain. And 0% is not really 0%, there is still room down there but I won't deliberately run a battery to true zero. It would suck if it did what some lithium batteries do, that is, not accept a charge when the voltage hits bottom.

Now the efficiency could be higher or lower. The JuiceBoxPro 32 could have some error, and the bottom buffer size is unknown. But that's the best I can do to estimate true battery capacity.

The important takeaway is that the the top 50% is actually 56% of your range, and the bottom 50% is 44% of your range.

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