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When you run the car down to 0%, 0 miles -

I should have taken a notepad with me, but this is going off memory, it was 43-49F in the morning:

At 9% I got my first Low Battery warning which you clear by pushing the left thumb roller bar. AFAIK, full power was available.
At 4% I floored it, and found it would only produce about ~67% power? then the bar graph stops moving. This is enough for freeway use.
It stayed at 4% and 4 miles for a very long time. I was worried it was frozen.
At ~3% a blue line appears on the power bar graph which is your peak power, which is now about 50%. As you keep the pedal floored, the blue line lowers it's limit. Still adequate power.
At 1% another warning, you cannot adjust cabin temp upwards, mine was stuck at 76F. Power was about 40% peak.
At 0% and 0 mi, "Very Low Power" "Battery Saver Mode On", turns off climate, and blacks out center display. If you touch it, it will light back up. Blue line still exists at 40% of travel. So I believe there is power left, how much I do not know. TOPIx says the ECM reads 2% power when dash says 0%.

Now I will try to map out how linear the power % gauge is by monitoring each hour. Wish it was a warmer day. On a Chevrolet Volt (LG Chem cells like I-Pace), this JuiceBoxPro 32a loses 13% between the wall and the battery. It takes 16.1 kWh to fill a 14.1 kWh SOC window (0-100% charge on dash) on a 2019 Volt which has the same size onboard charger as the I-Pace, so that's the number I will use.

Hour 1 the EVSE pulled 7.14 kWh the car reads 7% but only 11 miles. I'm thinking the bottom is deliberately skewed on miles because I also saw it freeze at 4mi and 4% for a few miles.

I'll graph it out for a 100% charge. But it's not an optimum day. It should give us an idea of how accurate the dash % SOC meter is. How linear it is.

But I was mostly curious what happens when you hit 0%. I did not drive after 0% though.

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