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#andy, you didn't specify your trim level (S/SE/HSE), but if budget is a concern I'd spend on air suspension and skip the HUD and the AD/ASR. I have 22s and with proper tire inflation (37psi, light load setting) and the air suspension I have no issue with the ride - its fantastic, and if I need to go over a tall curb (i.e., to park at an outdoor event) I can 'jack up' the height.

This is my first car with HUD and frankly I can take it or leave it. It's nice, but I got the FE with all the trimmings, so wasn't a decision I really had to make. I leave the HUD on because its useful, but I could live without it. Lastly, I agree with you on the AD/ASR... I rarely drive on surfaces that can take advantage of those.
My strongest recommendation is to avoid the heated windshield. I'm working on getting mine replaced - its that difficult/dangerous at night (and even annoying during the daylight). Probably not needed for the temperate climate of NZ anyway.
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