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Great knowledge. I have been looking at the I-pace specs and may consider a 2020 if they fix the center console stuff. I have heard the many complaints about the 22" tires, so I compared it to my 3600lb. Ford Focus Electric. It has stock 17”wheels225x.50 = 112.5mm tire height. I run Summer tires on it and it handles great and rides fine. I had 18" rims on it from a Focus ST, it had 18”245x40 = 98mm rubber ride height(an accident did them in). It was a little stiffer with the same brand of summer tires on it, but not much. I could not feel a difference in the handling from the 17" tires. The Jag-I-Pace 22" tires have a ride height of 22"255x .40 = 102mm. The 102mm ride height shouldn't be that bad if the tire pressures are low enough. I have not been able to find a 22" tire in the I-Pace's size that isn't a summer tire. Conversely I haven't found summer tires in the I-Pace size for the 18" and 20" rims. I live below the snow belt, so I want the summer tires, which means 22" rims. The I-Pace wheel bolt spacing is the same as the Focus. I don't know about stud size or wheel offset for the I-Pace compared to the Focus. Here are my calculated RPMile specs on the I-Pace wheels & tires. 18" 235x.65 672rpmile. 20" 245x.50 681rpmile. 22" 255x.40 672rpmile. The 20" wheels & tires should make the I-Pace quicker accelerating.(Assuming they are not much heavier than the 18" wheels & tires.)

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