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Tire pressures

Good morning all,

After a week of biting cold where my poor Jag sat in the garage, we had a warm snap so I went for a lovely rip of around 80kms. It felt great to let the cat stretch her legs but when I got home I heard a loud hissing sound and found an enormous piece of glass wedged deep into the tread. Over the night the tire lost it’s air, so I pumped it up to take it to Kal tire for a patch. What I hadn’t noticed before was that the tire pressure set from the factory was 50 psi in all the other tires. This seemed high to me so I looked through the owners manual and saw that there is a ‘light’ load setting for fewer than three occupants on a regular basis of only 37psi. Once I had the patch on the tire I set all the pressures to 37 and noticed a big change in the smoothness of the ride. Not that it was rough before, but it added another layer of butter to the road. I recommend all to check their pressure to see what they are set to.
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