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Brands that plug in:

Tesla Portable UMC (requires TeslaTap adapter) 14-50 (I believe their HPWC is now available in plug-in)
Clipper Creek
ChargePoint (recommended by JLR in the US)

Some are NEMA 14-50, some are NEMA 6-50, some give you many options of plugs.

Living in a country that is 220v from the wall already, you might be OK just using Euro house plug EVSE of the highest amperage that is supported by the wall plug x 0.80. If the outlet is 20 amps, then 16 amp. If it is 15 amps, then 12 amp. If it is 10 amps, then 8 amp.
8 amp has the advantage of being safer if you use an extension cord.

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