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All but one of my Level 2 (240v x 16-32 amp) are 'plug-ins' and can be removed for traveling.

It costs a little more for a 'plug' style than a 'hardwired' style.

Unless you frequently plug and unplug a high-power device like an EV charger, there is little difference in the heat buildup IF THE FEMALE SOCKET IS IN GOOD SHAPE.

Most the horror stories about EV plug-in charging is from old wornout sockets, frequent connecting/disconnecting, or running more than 80% of the circuit's amperage rating.

If there is any doubt about your wall outlet's wear, replace it. Turn off the breaker that feeds it, lock the panel closed (safety), then 15 minutes later, you have a new connection. Sand the wire so it is shiny, if you have dielectric grease use some, and torque it down. Use the RIGHT sized screwdriver, not just one that seems to be 'ok'.

The fastest charging is going to require 32 amps at 240 volts. These are often clothes dryer sockets for houses with electric dryers. Check the panel for 40/50 amp breakers. 30 is not wise, risk of overheating.

My personal taste is a NEMA 14-50 wall outlet using 6 gauge wire, and a 40 amp breaker, with a 32 to 40 amp NEMA plug 14-50 Level 2 Smart Charger. It is a very sturdy plug, and portable. I don't know how RV sites are in Norway, but in the US, they are 14-50 primary, so in a bind, you can add 30km per hour range at any RV park when you traveling in the countryside.

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