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Originally Posted by Monkeysis View Post
Howdy! I have an I-pace on order with a dealership in Southern California. Was able to reconfigure one of their orders they already had in process. Was built on 11/30/18 and as of now, no info on the ship it is coming over on. The salesperson said that their info is slower than normal from JLR, and that it was put into circulation on 12/5. That’s the last they know. I am coming from a 2018 F-Pace that will go to my husband when the I-Pace finally comes home. I was able to watch the ship carrying the F-Pace from port to port and even switch to the Panama Canal cameras and watch it go through the locks! I know. Obsessive! Yep. Don’t shoot me, I ordered the 25T (4 cylinder) for gas mileage. Seriously fast enough and am over the embarrassment of ordering the “smaller” engine. I have had a lot of the same issues with the F-Pace I am reading that the I-Pace has. Dark screen (took it in twice for that-and fixed). On occasion I still get that dreaded dark screen, but have realized, as has been mentioned on this forum, that I need to slow down the start sequence. Start, hit the Ok button on the steering wheel for 2 messages that come up, THEN reverse. If I am not patient, I might pay the price!! I have also had the airbag icon come on several times (taken in twice for that). I am getting the icon again periodically now and will go in for service again. Wondering if that is the seat sensor??? I could look on my work orders to find out for sure. Another common issue that remains….I had to wait 4 weeks once my car came into port! I was told it was held in port purgatory for EPA approval (new engine at the time). There are things I will miss on the I-Pace that my F-Pace has……opening the panoramic roof, CD player, and sitting height. Will NOT miss sitting in line for gas!! Win!!!
Trying to figure out whether to get the ChargePoint or JuiceBox EV Charger. Liked the price (<$500) some paid for the CP, but they aren’t offering that anymore. Any thoughts on which one?
Seriously jealous of those who already have their car! I came VERY close to buying the one that was featured in a video on a thread here (from Carlsbad dealer). Since I drive my very young grandkids around, I just can’t have the oyster interior, but that car is beyond elegant in person. I was torn, but the black interior wins out (again, grandkids). My order specifics: Farallon black, HUD, fog lights, air ionizer, HSE, ebony interior with oyster headliner (to break up the black a bit), heated steering wheel, and black window surrounds. Looking forward to joining the owners club!! Delivery Date 1/25/19, Planned Handover 2/1/19
btw - if you like the lighter interior, my kids are 9, 8, 5 & 3 years old, living in the land of melting, muddy snow & the oyster interior is holding up just fine. My last 3 cars were all black & I just needed to lighten up & I am glad I did.
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