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Questions when taking delivery

Hello all!

I've posted a few times here and there, finally about to take delivery of my I-Pace soon.

Wanted to see what people thought about what to look for and ask about when there, prior to accepting the car (have been making a running list based on other threads in this forum).

Some things I plan to look for/ask about:
- Make sure the config is actually what I ordered (obviously)
- Test charging while at dealer
- Check software version while at dealer, including making sure map data is up to date
- Inspect for manufacturing damage, such as the reported door handle cracks
- Test drive (obviously) and check for rattles, noise leak, etc
- Make sure regen brake recall has been addressed if applicable
- Make sure 12V battery recall has been addressed if applicable

Will also be interested the price they quote me. The ones my dealership has in stock currently are marked down significantly across the board, so if they try to make me pay full MSRP while the others in the same lot are hugely discounted we will have a very awkward conversation...

Any other thoughts? Despite some of the stories on this forum, I am super excited and can't wait to get her!
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Jtdavi3, congratulations on your new I-PACE and I hope you love it. If you're interested in live traffic updates and other connected data, make sure a Sim card is installed in the cubby. Also, ask your salesman to demonstrate a number of features such as setting departure times, preconditioning, setting safety features to your needs, etc. The owners manual is sometimes not correct and is often confusing until you're acclimated to the car.

Install the iGuide app as it's way more convenient to use than the manual. Install the InControl app and have them show you how to use it. Have the dealer establish an account for both InControl and Route Planner apps. Ask them to help you build a car profile if you want personalized settings. Likewise, ask them to help you build a navigation profile which is the same account setting as Route Planner.

You're way ahead already by being a forum member but read most of the threads as members have posted lots of really good tips for setting up your car.

Try not to expect a perfect vehicle but keep in mind that most issues will be fixed and that you're driving a fantastic car that is efficient and non-polluting.
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I did not have the opportunity to inspect mine before I got it. It was shipped to me from 603 miles away. I relied on pictures from the dealer.

The only thing the selling dealer could/should have done was validate the software was loaded properly. It wasn't and the local dealer had to reload 3 pieces. (Navigation knew only about French but couldn't even speak that, for example.) Other than that it arrived with all the physical pieces as expected, plus a storage compartment organizer that I wasn't expecting.

Map was not the most current and I would not expect it to be given that updates come out at the beginning of every month. The dealer will have to enroll you for the Incontrol features. It will be up to you to establish your password for that. Registration at will be required for map updates. Register/create account and then wait a day before doing anything else there. After that you will be able to download the latest map updates to a USB drive (16GB minimum since the current updates are 9GB) and follow the directions for the updating in the car (takes about uninterrupted 50 minutes of the car motor being on/driving it).
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Jtdavi3, add 1 more to your list: Lower the tire pressure to 37psi in all 4 tires. Change the menu setting to "Light Load" so you don't get a warning. *REALLY* improves the ride and is within spec for 1-3 passengers and no heavy cargo. The cars get shipped with 50psi to eliminate 'flat spots' in the tires, but ride is quite rougher at 50psi.
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My dealer offered a paint and interior protection package. I don't recommend what they sell because it is typically a poor quality product that they have installed half @ss by an outside vendor. It's basically a ceramic coating, but like with almost everything there are good quality products are poor. Go to a professional detail shop to have it done unless your handy in that way, it's not hard to do yourself just time consuming. Cost wise it's about the same or even less.
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Thanks everyone for their suggestions!

fedorachef - I agree completely, have already booked a visit to a local reputable detailer (will be a hoot; first time I've ever owned a car nice enough to need such services!)
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