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Home charging question

Alright I admit to being dense and the wisdom of buying a hi tech car with a low tech brain is questionable but...! My new home charge point has been installed and I now charge nice and quick but I pay cheaper electricity between midnight and 6.00 am. No problem I think, the App has a function to specify the charging times, however as soon as I plug it in, it’s charging even at 5.00 in the afternoon so I am paying the higher rate for my electricity, by midnight it’s obviously fully charged. Is there a way to tell it not to charge until my specified times please?
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I haven't gotten my home charger installed yet, so take my advice with a grain of salt, but I will say this: don't feel dense! From what I've read here getting timed charging to work on the I-pace is a bit of a crapshoot, requiring various dance moves, incantations, and animal sacrifices

IIRC, the magic formula involves setting a charging window in the car itself AND setting a departure time. Then set the chargepoint timer to start after the car's configured charging window starts. Finally, on the goodbye screen when you stop the car, accept the configured departure time. At that point you should be able to plug the car in and it will wait to charge. Search the forum for the older threads on this subject to get the real sequence, but hopefully that at least points you in the right direction.
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Yes, the IPace does Delayed Charging. Since mine is not with me at the moment, I can't walk you through it.
When you park the car, it will ask about Delayed Charging if you have it set up. The lack of this popup on shutdown warns you that it's not active.

Someone needs to do an accurate YouTube video on how to set it. It's not very intuitive or easy to locate.

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My dream would be for it to ask when you park your car:

"What time will you be leaving tomorrow?" - With a Charge Now option and a number pad for time.
Because my schedule changes.
When the GPS notes I'm not at home, it defaults to Charge Now.

Jaguar i-Pace FE Photon Red 20" wheels, "Leaper"
Two Chevrolet Volts in service
24.2 kW x 480v 3ph solar array self-installed.
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ChargePoint Premier on Scheduling Delayed Charging

I exclusively use ChargePoint’s app to set scheduled charge times. Jaguar’s InControl app has a similar capability, but I could never get it to work. So, I use only ChargePoint, with all InControl charge schedule features turned off. Here is my procedure (cobbled together from recommendations from at least one other forum member, who I am very grateful to).

On the ChargePoint app:
Go to menu item “Home Charger”
Go to “Schedule”
Move the Schedule on/off slider to “ON”

Next you have 2 options to set a charging schedule: Weekdays and Weekends.
Both function identically. So, I’ll just illustrate with the Weekday option.
Set the charging cycle start time under “Starts”
Set the charging cycle end time under “Ends”
Return to the previous menu (“Home Charger”), by clicking on the “<“ in the upper left hand corner.

ChargePoint video on schedule charging:

If you want ChargePoint to estimate the cost of your home charging, Go to “Settings.”
Under “Utility Plan,” select your current electric rate plan.
Return to the previous menu (“Home Charger”).
You’ve now completed the ChargePoint timed charging process.

In the I-Pace or through the InControl app:
You will need to set a pre-condition/departure time to wake up the I-Pace, so ChargePoint can communicate with the vehicle. The primary reason for the following procedure is the I-Pace, once turned off, will eventually enter sleep mode. Once it does, the ChargePoint charger will not be able to communicate with it, and consequently, won’t be able to begin the scheduled charge cycle.

In the I-Pace
Turn on the I-Pace (drive train does not have to be powered)
Go to the “Precondition” sub-menu.

I typically set a departure time at approximately 15 minutes after the beginning of my charging cycle, e.g., scheduled charge cycle 12 am - 4 am, then set departure time for 12:15 am. The logic behind this is that the I-Pace will typically begin the precondition process 30 minutes before the set departure time. Setting the departure time wakes up the I-Pace, so it can accept a charge from ChargePoint.

Video on setting departure time (includes using InControl timed charging)

Turn off the I-Pace.
Connect the charge cable to the I-Pace.
I typically lock my I-Pace, because it is not in a locked garage. Some forum members have said this isn’t necessary.
This completes the scheduled charge time setup.

If you happen to be awake sometime during the scheduled charge cycle, you can open the ChargePoint app to confirm that your I-Pace is, in fact, charging.

I’m sure there are many variations of this procedure, but this is what works for me. Good luck.
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The Juicebox app (if you have a WIFI enabled Juicebox) allows you set start/stop times for weekdays and weekends. That would prevent it from providing charge to the car outside of your desired low rate period.
The car can be set to a departure time too on the car or by app as mentioned above. Besides waking it up to charge the car (or keep a bit of it awake the whole time) that will allow it to prepare the cabin to your desired temperature, and have the rest of car ready too (e.g. boots up the screens faster.

I've noticed in my Juicebox app that if I set a departure time and have the car plugged in, the app reports a small draw of current throughout the night (after reaching full charge since I'm not concerned about charging hours), then the car charging fully wakes up about 2 hours before departure, charges for a bit before taking another nap, then wakes up again about 1/2 hour before departure goes into the pre-conditioning.
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I-pace timed charging setup is the stupidest thing ever because they tie preconditioning and charge period together, and really they are two orthogonal things that should not be tied together.

Anyway, to set up timed charging, first go into the preconditioning settings and set it to on. Then make sure to create a preconditioning schedule (even if, like me, you don't need it because you have no regular departure schedule). In my case I have it set to precondition at 6 a.m. every Saturday for no reason other than there needs to be something set for timed charging to work.

Once a preconditioning schedule is on, you are now ready to set timed charging. Go to the timer sertings and set your desired charging time period. There used to also be an option to present the timed charging dialog when you turn off the car, but in later software versions that setting is not there and this happens automatically when you turn off the car as long as a preconditioning schedule is active. When you want to set up a timed charge, turn off the car and DO NOT OPEN A DOOR AND TELL ANY PASSENGERS NOT TO OPEN A DOOR. When the car turns off you should see the dialog box on the screen asking if you want to activate timed charging. Tell it yes. (If a door gets opened before this point the screen shuts off and the dialog goes away, or never appears.) You must set this in the dialog every time you want to delay a charge using your set charging period, it does not "stick".

Now when you plug in the charger the LED next to the charge port should go blue, and the screen should indicate timed charging is active. Note that as you have just stopped driving the fans may be cooling the battery, and when you plug in even if timed charging is correctly set, it will draw power from the plug for these fans until they shut off in a few minutes, and then it will draw no more power until your scheduled charge time.
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Many thanks guys! I am off to have a play!
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Well I was! Home charge unit gone wrong! 😩
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Here is a youtube video that really helped me with this. Much more so than anything ChargePoint or the Jaguar InControl instructions provided.

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