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Love my I-Pace, but tough decision:

I've brought my I-pace into the dealer 3 times for "Traction Battery Fault".
First time at 1k mi, they said nothing was wrong, and I saw the error a few more times and didn't worry about it.
Then at >15k mi, it kicked the "Traction Battery Fault" and reduced power so low that I was capped at under 30 mph.
I brought it in, they had it 2 weeks, and said nothing was wrong.
Then in under a week, it refused to move with "Traction Battery Fault".
After 30 days in the shop, they called and said they must ship the car out to have it worked on.
It has 16k miles and 13 month of ownership, and 2 months in service total.

I am waiting for feedback from JLR NA, but I have no confidence in their service depts. I don't think they have a robust troubleshooting system for the I-Pace. Arrgghh.

I think I'm going to force a buy back, since I cannot get a replacement for a Photon Red FE, and my faith in reliability is shaken.

It was my favorite car of all time, so this is really tough. I've never lemon'd a car. The car is excellent, the service is not.
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Dang, so sorry to hear about the problems your I-Pace is experiencing. Shipping your I-Pace out, implies JLR has a manufacturer’s shop somewhere in the US. At the very least your vehicle will give their techs some diagnostic experience, which they will share with all dealers. Hope it all works out in your favor.
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Huge disappointment. Share your frustration with dealer service. Best wishes.
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This sucks and I'm sorry.

The most frustrating part about these problems is, as you mentioned, JLR seems to just be winging it with the iPace. They deny and deny a problem exists, probably because they don't understand the car well enough, until you shove it in their face enough. When they finally admit there's a problem they don't have a solution and want to avoid dealing with or helping you.

Is it normal for completely new cars to have some issues? Yes. Is it normal for the dealerships & manufacturer of said car be utterly confused and give terrible customer service when the issues pop up? No.
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Before pulling the trigger on the I-Pace, all I did was read this nightmare stories about the car.
I came in with expectations set that this car will probably have to be eventually lemoned out, it will have flaws & it's not a car that should be used for more than 3 years.
I've had my car for 2 weeks, it has 1k miles on it, I have a few problems that I went to the dealer for already (Newport Beach) and they are already telling me JLR won't approve these.
I have lawyers in my family ready go on this

E-Tron is having problems, Tesla is mess with no recourse. Unfortunately this is the state of EVs for now.

I've already speced out my next I-Pace when JLR decides to get cute

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So sorry to hear, I have a question. Is the concern THIS repair or are you thinking you will have other issues and have to suffer through it again?
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McRat, very sorry and disappointing (for all owners) to read of your continued - and now showstopper - problem(s). However, this is what Lemon Laws are made for. JLR's ingorance, arrogance, and or defiance in the face of truly faulty build is the real issue. Not sure what the AZ Lemon laws are but 2 months in service out of 13 should qualify (in FL its 30 days). Again, most of us (I knock on wood as I say this) have been relatively trouble-free. If this happened to me I'd kick, scream, lawyer up if needed to achieve buyback, but I'd probably go get another I-Pace. (Especially now that the EQC was postponed to 2021 in the U.S., and e-Tron seems to have more (serious) problems than the I-Pace!). When your iPhone suddenly dies just out of warranty do you give up on Apple? Unfortunately we're talking about a 100x cost item. You can demand a loaner and it appears that the JaguarUSA website still allows FE orders?!? Unfortunately a snap of the fingers won't make it happen. It will take some real time and dirtywork. Whatever you decide, I appreciate your insighful and plentiful contributions to this forum over the past year and some...
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Originally Posted by McRat View Post

I think I'm going to force a buy back, since I cannot get a replacement for a Photon Red FE, and my faith in reliability is shaken.
There are 32 Photon Red FE’s still listed as in inventory. I would bet JLR would willingly give you one of those for yours without too much effort. If you haven’t done so yet, start by opening a ticket with JLR NA.
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Geeze. I kinda wish something was going wrong so I could swap for a new one.

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Sorry to hear that. I hope JLR comes through and you get another I-PACE - hopefully without problems this time.
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