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Originally Posted by Voltage View Post
Not trying to hijack this thread but reading it has me concerned. Im about to purchase a 2019 HSE. Are the issues being discussed isolated to 2018 models? Im looking for a no drama reliable electric. Tesla is not for me and I really like the I-Pace. Thanks
I've posted this elsewhere but felt compelled to reply to your post. I've put over 8,000 mi on 3 different I-Paces (two 2019 FEs and my current 2020 HSE). All had zero problems, I traded in only to rid myself of the heated windshield - useless in FL and had intolerable glare at night (for me). I drove the loaner for a month while JLR planned to swap windshields, but then decided against it resulting in my 2020 HSE order. Are there some lemons, yes, but doesn't any first model year car have them? The overall build quality still far exceeds Tesla and the car seems to have met or far exceeded expectations for the vast majority of owners.
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Originally Posted by billfan View Post
So I have just heard back from JLR and they have agreed to buy back my vehicle. it is going to take a while, and we have had the car since late February, so I am wondering if anyone has any knowledge of whether or not we would or could or should still claim the EV credit on our taxes next year. By the time the whole process is done I am guessing we will have had the vehicle in possession for about eight or nine months. I can't find anything in the rebate details that says you have to own a vehicle for a certain amount of time to claim the credit. The reason we purchased instead of at least to begin with was to get the tax credit. If anybody has any insight let me know.

p.s I am really sad that this didn't work out because I absolutely love everything about the car except for all of its software glitches (and some hardware issues too) and we just can't continue to be beta testers for this product. The other sad thing is I really don't want an E-tron and there are several reasons why we don't want a Tesla, so there really is not anything else in this class available. I think we are going to have to just do a short-term lease on a Kia Niro EV while we wait for some more options to hit the market. =(
Billfan, can you send me a private message. Would like to know the steps you took for your buyback and where you are. Did JLR agree to buyback or give you a credit towards the purchase of a new car?
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I know we messaged privately already but I am answering here in case anyone else is curious. They are buying back of the car, not giving me credit for another purchase...I believe this is due to the fact that I am in California and it is being repurchased under the California lemon law. We are in the middle of the process right now, and going back and forth with signing some documents both electronically and via snail mail. They are going to send an inspector over to check out my car to make sure I did not make any modifications to it, and then once they get the documentation they need from Chase Bank, I will return the car to the dealership and then they will pay off the balance of the loan. Jaguar will then send me a check for all of the money I have spent so far, including down payment and all of my monthly payments. I will also get back the gap insurance that I purchased. It will take another three to five weeks to complete the process but so far it is going well.
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