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Max charge rates?

What charge rates are you getting these days on your I-PACE?

I'll start.

Model year: 2019
InControl Touch Pro software version: S19A_19.20.4-363281
Telematics software version: 14.2
Charge date: Jul 12, 2019
Charger: Electrify America North Bend WA unit 100070-04
Advertised max charger rate: 350kW
Charger-reported actual max charge rate: 91.38kW
Percent start: 13%
Percent end: 53%
Charge time: 00:25:53 (~43.3% of an hour)
Charger-reported energy delivered: 35.1kWh
Average charge rate: 35.1kWh/.433h = 81kW
Charge cost: 18.86 USD
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I have only gotten EA to kind of work once here today. At 65% I was pulling 63 KWHr which is about right as it is supposed to taper after 50% or so.
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Electrify America pricing is per-minute, tiered per charge rate. I think the max charge rate for the entire session lands you in the tier for that max charge rate, but that's something I'd like to see people test.

Charging up to 125kW costs .69 USD/min. Charging up to 75kW costs .25 USD/min.

The AAA gas price is currently 2.78 USD/gal, so 18.86 USD worth of electricity cost me the same as about 6.8 gal of gasoline. 35kWh will give me about 100 miles of range. Fuel-wise, Electrify America makes taking a road trip in an I-PACE cost the same as driving a car that gets about 15 mpg.

If I were able to set the max charge rate to 75kW, I would have charged at that the entire time and gotten my 35.1kWh in 28 minutes rather than 26 minutes. However I would have paid 25 cents a minute instead of 69 cents a minute, so my total cost would have come out to be (1 + 28*.25) USD = 8 USD rather than almost 19 USD.

That's right. Electrify America's pricing structure makes an I-PACE cost more than twice as much to get 100 miles of range as it would cost an EV that were capable of setting a max charge rate of 75kW.

I feel like Electrify America has gamed the pricing structure specifically to screw over I-PACE owners who have no choice but to charge at just barely over the cheapest tier's cutoff charge rate.
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It would be very nice to set the max charging speed if Demand Metering is affecting charging prices.

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