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"Other" ICE car

I love my I-pace and have no interest in driving any other cars. However, as we all know the infrastructure for EV's is not quite there yet and its still necessary to have an ICE car at home. Since I clearly share a taste for cars with you all, was curious what ICE car you would have (or do have) as your other car? I have little kids so need 4 doors and reasonably sized trunk. Any thoughts? Thinking same price range as an I-Pace or below.
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I am rather partial to Audis for sporty ICE sedans, depending on size a5 or a6 or SQ5? Specially Quattro if you have winter conditions. Perfect balance of comfort, sport driving, luxury and detail.
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We have a Mercedes GLE and love it, perfect for our family of 4 (2 small kids).
Lease on our 2017 is up and we’re going to get one of the new 2020s with the third row option. MB has really stepped up its game since the 2017s, interior is much nicer, as is the infotainment (which is much better than Jaguar’s). Can’t recommend it enough.
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Big trucks are nice. The Rams are especially nice. We have one with air suspension. If I were to get a crossover/SUV ICE, I'd get a GLE or X5. GLC and X3 are just a bit too small for comfort. The new GLE may eventually ship with the magic suspension. That'll be a heck of a ride.

In sedans, the 550i, GS-F, and E53.

We bought the Ipace because leases were bad and because, well, we plan on keeping it for a long time. Like at least 7 years. Hopefully longer. For these sedans, though, I'd consider leasing. They drop in price terribly, and they fall apart outside of warranty.

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I have my 911 and my wife's Volvo XC90 for ICE cars around the house. They do the trick!

Jeff in Denver
'19 Jaguar I-Pace First Edition
'03 Porsche 911 Turbo 6MT X50
'74 Alfa Romeo Spider
'17 Volvo XC90 Inscription - Wife's
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Red face

I like my 16 Range Rover with TD6 engine. Can't complain about 30-33 mpg on highway with AC in summer. I've also done 700 miles between feedings, but usually closer to the mid-600s for those highway trips.

Beats all Teslas for range and "recharges" a lot faster.

I know newer RRs have some feature improvements too.
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Originally Posted by jsimon7777 View Post
Big trucks are nice.
And useful.
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DW likes her Equinox and I have an older F150 that mostly stays in storage.
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Originally Posted by Mister Dave View Post
And useful.
Heh. I loaded 8 12x2x16' boards onto the truck. No ladder rack, but I have an extension that goes into the hitch. That plus a 6'4" bed means I can legally load up to almost 20 feet of material, and I'll fudge the last few inches. Each of those boards is about 70 lbs, but hanging off the back like that, the weight is way rearward. So the air suspension whirred and I was just peachy. Gotta have a truck sometimes.

Photon FE, 2013 FR-S, 2017 RAM 1500, 2014 Forester
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Our long-range ICE car is a Porsche Cayenne diesel...yes the one with the "scandalous" VW dieselgate engine. It's really a shame that VW tried to game the system with that engine and ruined the entire diesel market, because that engine really is a nice combination with the Cayenne. Lots of torque, better than 30 MPG on the highway and 700 miles of range between fuel stops. Just crossed 100K miles with it and the car is just like new. We will drive it until the wheels fall off and then probably replace it with a Cayenne plug in hybrid or something like it.

We also have a Ford F250 diesel for hauling around stuff.
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