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Anyone else with Android Auto issues?

I'll preface by saying that I really don't know if it's my phone, Android Auto application, or the car causing the problem...but I can say that I just had a rental car for 6 days while traveling (Cadillac CTS with AA compatibility) and had 0 issues with Android Auto with my phone the entire time.

When I plug in my Samsung Galaxy S10 to the I-PACE, Android Auto starts up right away (as I expect) and works fine initially. However, if I run maps/navigation on AA the audio directions from Google come out choppy and stuttery, like there's a bad cell phone connection. It's annoying enough that I have to mute the direction voice. But regardless of that, whether I'm using maps, listening to Spotify, or just have my phone plugged in and running AA, anywhere from 5 minutes to 15 minutes into using Android Auto, my phone will completely shut down and reboot. Every time without fail. As I mentioned, this did not happen a single time in my 6 days with the CTS, but happens literally every time I use AA in the I-PACE. So my theory is that there's something about the way the I-PACE is handling AA that it's triggering my phone to reboot...otherwise if it was my phone, it should be rebooting whenever I use AA in any vehicle. The crappy thing about this issue is that it would be so easy for Service Dept to blame this on the AA software or my phone that I fear I'll never get anywhere if I bring it to the service dept attention. If anyone has experienced this please let me know.
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iOS user, but somewhat similar experience.
Just finished a short business trip with a Ford Fusion Hybrid. FordSync recognized the iOS, offered up CarPlay and it worked flawlessly including calls when I was on another non-CarPlay screen. Google Maps had no hesitations.

With the navigation hesitation, I can't tell if the issue is with the Jaguar software or with cell service inside the car. When I'm not connected to CarPlay and I pull out my phone to look at google maps or other services, I get a very big delay when the phone is done on the console. Raise it up, and I get much better performance. I don't have a heated windsheild, which makes me think there is some interference from the eGlass in the car.

There have been other odd issues, which I think are a problem with the way Jaguar and implemented both CP and AA.. Hopefully other AA users will be able to provide perspective on rebooting or freezing. You may need to post a few more details like which device and what android version you are running.

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No issues here with Android Auto. I use a Motorola Z3 with Verizon service and AA works well. I did have problems in my 2017 Fusion with AT&T service although the signal was weak even near our home.
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AA has been working better for me since last AA update, but still have issues. When I go to play music on Google music, the first time I hit the play button, music plays for a quick second then stops. Once I hit the play button a second time it plays fine. I then notice a static noise if I'm using the nav and music at the same time. I hear the nose when the nav voice speaks over the music playing. The sound is also choppy as if I don't have reception but the reception icon shows full bars. I don't have this problem in other cars.
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I just received an S10 for Father's Day. After reading this thread, I went out and tried Android Auto.
Errr... What's it supposed to do? It's kind of like CarPlay. A solution in search of a problem. AFAIK, both are music vending machine interfaces.

But in an area with 1 bar max, and a brand new cable, it seems to work so far, just like the Apple X.

Both CP and AA lack automotive application software. The phones have auto programs available, just the CP and AA interfaces lack automotive software. Why can't I use the Plugshare app, or MyQ, or DashCommand, etc? Because they are for cars. CP/AA are more for throwing parties at the beach I think. 835w amplifier for my phone! Wooo Hoooo!
Want to ask Siri, Google, Bixby, or Gomer what the P code is for that CEL you just threw? Good luck. That's probably why Google and Apple cars aren't selling too well, but their phones are doing great.

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