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FOB usage

I have to press the buttons on my fob to unlock the doors and have to have the FOB in the center console to start the vehicle. Has anyone else experienced this .. Remember Im 5 days in. We own a Land Rover and expect the same access to use the vehicle with the fob in by bag or pocket.

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I don't know if there's a setting but it sure seems like there's something wrong with your fob range.

Are you able to have it in your pocket and then press the door button to unlock? Or even that doesn't work??
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Agree with sciencegeek - likely a fob issue. My key rarely leaves my pocket. I open doors often by pressing exterior button on the handle (BTW, this can be set to open driver only or all four). I also start the car with key in my pocket 99% of the time.
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If you've tried this with both of your fobs, then it is most likely the problem is on the receiver in the vehicle. If one fob exhibits this problem and the other doesn't, then you know which fob needs replacing.
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The owners manual warns about keeping fobs in containers (purses?) and indicates range of fob could be reduced in other situations.
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the range on my fob is pretty good and it rarely leaves my pocket. I'd agree with StormRune that you should test against both fobs and then get a bit of time with the dealer. They'll need to help with either one bad fob or a bad receiver. I haven't seen this posted to this forum, and don't recall if such a post was on the UK forum either.

If you have one bad fob, you can try changing the battery, but honestly, after 5 days, I'd expect the dealer to handle the battery as well.

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A couple of things to try with a problem fob is to (1) follow the procedure in the owners manual that requires putting the fob next to the underside of the steering column and pressing the START button, or (2) open up the fob, remove the battery, let it sit for a minute or so then re-install the battery (basically reboot the fob).

I had an odd situation with a fob a couple of days ago. I was dropping off a front passenger at a hotel. When the person got out, up popped a message that the fob was no longer inside the car. It most certainly was still in my pocket and I was in the driver seat! Cleared the message with the OK button and drove on. Nothing else happened. Just that one odd message pop-up.
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Did you resolve this issue?

I'm experiencing a very similar behavior. Unless the fob is within inches of the door handle the keyless does not work and even then it seems pretty random. I frequently get the "no key detected" message when I try and start the car, it usually works on the 2nd or 3rd try. The dealer claims they put fresh batteries in both fobs (they both have the same issue) The dealer also updated the car to the latest software level but it has made no difference. I replaced the battery in one fob and it seemed to fix the issue at the time. The next day however it was back to (my) normal.
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Mine doesn't work when I have a cell phone next to it, but otherwise it works fine
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Sciencegeek, what sort of range does your fob work at? I'm used to walking out of a grocery store and popping the trunk of my car half way across the parking lot. With this car I need to be right at the car, might as well be manual!
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