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Motor Trends 15 Fastest SUVs

Not unexpected to find the I-Pace on the list, but interesting that Motor Trend clocked the I-Pace 0-60 time at 4.0 seconds, not the 4.5 advertised by JLR. That's a HUGE difference! FYI, Motor Trend also clocked the F-Pace SVR at 3.7 seconds despite JLR's advertised 4.1 seconds.
Has anyone on this forum *really* clocked the I-Pace 0-60 time???
Spoiler: Lambo Urus took first prize at 3.0 seconds.
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Nice... I enjoyed that. Mine is on a ship on the way here, I'll be clocking it soon!!
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Good stuff! [Well, except for the part where most of them are horrendously expensive gas guzzlers! ]
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I've not clocked it, but the ipace is noticeably slower than a P3D. The ipace is also more than fast enough to get my entire family yelling at me, so...

Car and Driver got 4.5 seconds to 60. Who knows.
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That article is going to disappoint a lot of folk. While the track was restricted to 1/8th mile due to an extreme headwind, the 1/8th mile times were not getting a FE into the mid 12's on level ground without a couple JATO bottles. It's quick in traffic, but it not a dragstrip weapon from my limit track testing.

But as of 20 years ago, even inexpensive cars were trapping faster than it is reasonable to use on the street. Anything over 100 mph in the quarter is more acceleration than typical drivers should be allowed to drive without training. Without stability control, this would have been halted years ago. Everybody and their brother ran the Camaros, Mustangs, and Corvettes in the wall at the dragstrip about year 2000. They even banned the LS1 F-Bodies (Camaro and Firebirds) from Pomona for a week before outrage by trained owners overruled them. A bunch of kids were sticking them in the wall.

But... I could be wrong. I haven't run one down a full 1320. However, I have tested literally a hundred vehicles down the quarter. I ran a 2002 Z06 nearly a full second quicker than Motor Trend could, which really stirred up a hornet's nest. Probably the "MT can't handle their stick" comment on the web upset them. The editor called me at work and used some cuss words that require a 10 day waiting period in California.
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