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Despite its central importance for the climate system and climate change, substantial uncertainties still exist in the quantification of the components of the Global Energy Balance, and their representation in climate models (e.g., Wild et al. 1998, 2013, 2015, 2018; Wild 2008, 2017). While the net radiative energy flows in and out of the climate system at the top of atmosphere (TOA) are now known with considerable accuracy from new satellite programs such as CERES and SORCE, a challenge remains the energy distribution within the climate system. Specifically, still not well established is the partitioning of solar energy absorption between the atmosphere and surface, and within the atmosphere between cloudy and cloud-free parts, as well as the determination of the thermal energy exchanges at the surface/atmosphere interface (Wild 2012). Uncertainties in the components of the global mean surface radiation budget are therefore generally larger and less well quantified than at the TOA.
An admission by the Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science, Department of Environmental Systems Science who participated in the IPCC AR5.

Crystal clear enough for you?

Want to return to talking about taxes, or would you like to continue talking about your belief that your EV is saving the planet, and the rest of your less than certain belief system?

This bill (HR 3233) is not an EV only proposal. He's also more than doubling the state’s gas tax to 44 cents a gallon, doubling the driver’s license fee to $60 and raising the vehicle registration fee from $98 to $148.

If it passes. Current status:

5/15/2019 Senate Postponed - Transportation

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'Cuz I can unload on statisticians and analysts next. The ones worth their salt will tell you privately how wildly wrong they can be. I've had one or two admit it after a few drinks.

Don't get me started on the errors and residuals found in statistical modeling.

Science only prevails when you accept that it is never settled.
McRat likes this.

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