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Question Homelink range

I programmed in the Homelink mirror to my garage door just as I did on my other car, but it will only operate the door when I'm parked in the garage, not when outside. Seems to be a range issue. The other car has no problem. I suspect it is the wire in the heated windshield blocking the RF. Anyone else have any issues?
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That section of the windshield (where the mirror mounts) doesnít have the heating wires or the solar attenuation coating, but there are other sensors and electronics in that housing that could cause a problem. I was disappointed Jaguar didnít go the route that Audi did. In my old Audi the transmitter is behind the rings in the front grill. It had great range.
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I don't have the heated windshield but have noticed the range is quite short compared to other cars past and present--I need to get within about 15 feet of garage door for it to respond.
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Mine works from 50-75 feet. It's not just the range of the transmitter in the car but of the receiver in the garage, I assume.
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Mine also works from 75ft or more, way down the street. I don't have a heated windshield and a new Chamberlain garage opener system.
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Same as gbillcb and W04t3r - I open mine from about 50 to 75 feet away.

Do you have a wifi enabled opener or something similar that creates a signal that might cause interference? I'm assuming you have a portal remote opener that you can test opening distances. Try it both inside and outside the car to get what should be your range. What I mean is to find its range when you are walking around with the portable, then do the same test with the remote within the car. If you get good range with a portable within the car, then you might need to reprogram or get support help to test the built in homelink.

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I can consistently open my garage (using Homelink) from 50-75 feet away when approaching at a 45deg or even 90deg angle, but have EXTREME difficulty CLOSING the door when I'm backing straight out - even when just 10-20 feet away... there MUST be some directional antenna issues that come into play... I've had to zig and zag up by driveway to engage the Homelink to CLOSE the garage, but NEVER when approaching. Extremely odd and my number one pet peeve about the car (aside from the heated windshield nighttime visibility... still working on solution to that one!). When I had a loaner, I could NOT get my portable GDO to work through the windshield at all... had to hang it out an open window!

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At certain angles of the car, I get 100 feet or so. At other angles, I get 15 feet or so from the garage door. Then the opener is another 10 feet in or so. I have the heated front window, and the range is noticeably worse than the other cars/remotes.
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I did some experimentation last night and I can open easily inside the garage (range ~5 feet to the opener) and from 25 feet away. From the point where the car's nose is practically touching the garage door to 25 feet away, nothing. I can live with this, it's just weird.
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Most of the time I just use Siri (I have MyQ bridge)
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