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Lightbulb Touch Pro Duo - tips, tricks and Easter eggs...

I would like to start a new thread about some features within Jag's Touch Pro infotainment system, which not all of you would know about, or even are not explained in the handbook.

First post will be about the Home page.

In the Media and Navigation tiles you can see the tiny lines (marked red above). Do you know that they have got a meaning?

For Navigation, if the route guidance is set, then the green line show progress of the route

For Media, if the selected source is playing a track (from Media Library, Bluetooth MP3, USB, iPod, etc), this is representing the progress of the track.

BTW, for Phone tile, the line does not have any meaning....

If you are aware about any tips and tricks in the Infotainment, please share it. I will be adding more posts in this thread in future with other nice and not obvious features...
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Requieh you have the best tips. It’ll be hard for anyone to come close... but I think we need to give it a try.

2019 I-Pace EV400 SE
Firenze Red - Ebony/Ebony
Driver Assist Pack
Black Exterior Pack
20" 5 Spoke Style 5068 Gloss Black Wheels
plus a few extras
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Lightbulb Double touch on footer icons

Did you know...? You can double touch some of the footer icons to get directly to some pages.

HOME soft key
Double press on the Home soft key takes you to the highlight of the all of home pages (own hope pages, extra feature pages). It is similar like on the smartphones and tablets. If you have multiple of them, it saves you time of swiping through all of them

Nav soft key
It takes you directly to search box for Nav destination, where you can put a POI name or address

Media soft key
it takes you to the selection of the media source - to quickly change between Radio and USB or in-vehicle Media Library

Phone soft key
it takes to the page where you can quickly swap between the phones

any other findings? please let us know in this thread
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Lightbulb Favourite button on the steering wheel

Have you spotted, that there is once strange button on the left-hand-side of your steering wheel?

You can assign different actions to this button. And you can have separate actions for short press and long press (>0.5 sec)!

If you have not ever used this button, after first press, the touchscreen will go into favourite button setup page. However, if somebody assigned any action to this button (i.e. your dealer before handover), then you can change the actions in the settings.

Settings -> All settings -> Features -> Favourite button

You can choose among below actions:
  • Cancel guidance.
  • Next source.
  • Mute speakers.
  • Play/pause.
  • Voicemail.
  • Mute microphone.
  • Hold phonecall.
  • Auto reject phonecall.
  • Upper screen off / stealth mode ->ON.

My favourite is Play/Pause for the short press and Upper Screen Off for the long press.

During the night drive, when I would like to fully focus on the road and switch off all of the screens and ambient lighting in the car by one press, I can do it directly from the steering wheel

More tips to come soon!
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Lightbulb Stealth Mode and Screensavers

Did you know that you can switch off upper screen together with all ambient lighting in the vehicle by just one touch? I've mentioned before about configuring Favourite Button into Display OFF. But there are more options which some of you may appreciate.


if neither Screensaver nor Stealth Mode are configured, you can just turn off the upper screen (lower screen and rotaries will dim).
How to engage?
-> select settings icon on the footer and then ON/OFF button on the popup. Screen goes off. Touch it again, and you will bring back back-light on.

Screen saver

If you would like to have screen saver activated (either via one-press, or automatically after some time-out), you can configure this in the Settings->All Settings->General->Screensaver

And configure it as you wish

How to engage?
Two fold:
-> Same as Basic Screen OFF, however here after pressing ON/OFF button, selected screensaver is displayed first. To switch screen completely OFF, press ON/OFF button on the screensaver
-> set the time-out, after inactivity, screen saver will be displayed.

Stealth Mode

This is additional option for either Basic od Screensaver option
To enable this go to Settings->All Settings->General->Screensaver and enable Stealth Mode

Now, whenever you will make your upper screen completely OFF, all of the cabin ambient lights will switch off.

HOWEVER... As it would be really annoying, if Stealth Mode is engaged during day (you would not be able to see buttons and values on the lower screen and rotaries), Stealth Mode is using light sensors to check if there is dark (outside and inside), cabin light sensors are located on the sides of the driver's cluster, external sensor is on the windscreen (behind rear-view mirror). If all of the sensors will confirm dark conditions, switching OFF upper screen will activate Stealth Mode as well.

I know it is a bit complex, but I think Jaguar wanted to make this feature 'idiot prove', that is why it is like this.

I hope you liked this tip, as this feature is not clearly described in the user manual...

More tips to come... Navigation area is yet to explore...
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Lightbulb Navigation tips - part 1 - Connected Car

This will be a longer one topic, that's why I would divide it into separate parts.

Part 1 - making your I-Pace's Navigation to use most of the Connected Car features

  • Origin of your vehicle is any country except Japan or China, as they are using their local Navigation systems within Touch Pro.
  • You have your car connected to the internet (preferably via mobile network)

  1. Setting up NAV account on the portal

    go to InControl Route Planner and register to set account for Nav features.

    I know, that it is a bit confusing, as there is already an portal for My Jaguar InControl ( Credentials from the My Jaguar portal are used to manage other car features like - remote car access/charge, security tracking, Live apps setup, etc. To manage your car remotely you use InControl Remote App, but that you probably already know...

    However for all features around Nav, you need to use the credentials you entered at InControl Route Planner portal
  2. Downloading the App to the smartphone
    Search at you App Store (or Google Play) for Jaguar Route Planner app. Once downloaded, enter the credentials there which you have put in the portal.

  3. Logging with the Nav portal's credentials into your's vehicle Navigation system
    That is the last, but not least point.
    1. Go to Nav Settings (settings->Nav settings) and go to Profile

    2. Create a new profile for you
    As there might be multiple users of your vehicle, each of them may have their own Point of Interests, Favourite Places, Commutes, etc. For each user there might be separate profile
    3. Add your In Control Route Planner account to your profile

Now your vehicle's Nav system is linked with the InControl Route Planner portal and App on your phone.
What for?
- manage your favourite places from the phone's app or from web portal
- plan the route on your phone, which then will be sent to your vehicle (it may be door-to-door route guidance)
- check the last location of your vehicle
- check previous routes/journeys you drove

What other 'connected car' features you have?
- Live traffic (I think mostly used by you)
- Traffic-jam avoidance route selection
- Satellite View of the Map option (on top of 2D or 3D standard map view)
- contextual on-line search for places
- street-view like feature for some places
- on-line share of your location and journey progress

Some more explanation for some of the above
Traffic Jam avoidance
If you select this option in Navigation Settings, then route calculation will take into account live traffic data, choosing the route where less traffic is recognised. For a longer routes it may also propose re-route if faster route is found

Contextual on-line search
It was a pretty surprise for me, that there is such an option in the Nav system. So basically Nav Search bar is using on-line search, whenever it has got internet connectivity, if not, it searches through the points of interest from in-vehicle database which is embedded with map.

How to do it?

Go to Nav search, and start typing any place name, like Buckingham Palace

After typing few first letters, press the 'keyboard' symbol. keyboard will hide and contextual search results will be shown

Street-vie like
Once you have selected destination, and there is a 'street view' available for that place, it will be displayed next to the map-route.

and press the cross-arrows to go into the full-screen view

Now you can swipe and pinch for zoom around. You cant move... unfortunately.
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