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Artificial sound on/off?

When driving slowly the car makes this artificial electronic sound to alert pedestrians (especially the visually impaired) which is obviously a good thing and I also kinda like the sound.
But I read that it is possible to turn this sound off, but I haven't found that option in any menu.
I wanted to play around with it to see how silent the car really can be. Does anyone know whether this is indeed an option available in the US (the sound may be mandatory in some countries?) and where this option can be found in what menu?
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The sound that can be turned on/off is the internal fake engine noise, not the external pedestrian warning sound. You can set the internal noise to three settings, from quiet to loud.

Now if only there was a "Jetsons" setting for that sound...
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Ah, I didn't know they were different.
Do you know how to get to the menu where you can change the internal 'fake' engine sound?
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By the way, where is that selection in the menus?
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It is under settings, features, active sound design. You can add it as an item in your customized screens.
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Anybody knows if the "Calm" setting in Active Sound Design really just sets the fake interior noise to a reduced "calm" level but still not switches it off completely, even though it is the lowest possible setting in the UI?

Assuming the JLR techs would have more options I asked my dealer to completely switch off the artificial interior sound during the first maintenance but they weren't able to. Said they'd forward my request to JLR. Not heard of since...

My problem with this is, I don't know whether the sound I still hear on the "calm" ASD volume (e.g. when accellerating) really is a fake noise - completely unnecessary imho - or just the "real" sound the electric motors are emitting?

So not sure whether to blame JLR for creating such a crap fake noise in the first place and not provide an option to clearly turn it off or to blame them for not soundproofing the cabin sufficiently...

Any information if/how Active Sound Design can be switched off completely?

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With the complete lack of engine noise, I too, have come to 'notice' (more than when I first got the car) the muted "whine" from the electric motors... and have wondered if the "Calm" setting of Active Sound Design (which is NOT completely 'off' even with Calm setting) was designed to complement/mask that motor noise. I don't find it objectionable, just more noticeable after the initial overwhelm of 'silence' wore off after a month...

The external noise cannot be turned off as it is a new ADA law that JLR is one of the first EV manufacturers to comply with. As for the Active Sound Design inside the cabin, many many sources talk about "turning it off", but as #jbon above notes, that is incorrect information - "Calm" is the best you can do.
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I sort of waffle between turning it on, then I got tired of it then I turn it off again. Then I take someone for a ride and turn it back on then decide I like it for a few days then I get tired of it then turn it off again.

What I do like, however, its that even on the calm setting, you ‘feel’ the sound more than hear it. They use the subwoofer to inject a mechanical vibration you feel coming from the floor when you step on it. It is like that background noise you hear on the Enterprise. . Sort of a mechanical soundtrack that lets you know when you are pumping lots of electrons to the wheels. You notice it more when you are on cruise and then you go up an incline on the road and you start to feel a bit of a ‘thrum’ that indicates you are (as the Coneheads say) consuming mass quantities.

I agree that it would be nice to have an ‘off’ setting, but I think there is an active noise cancelling component to the sound system that would actually make the vehicle louder if it wasn’t on all the time. I for one enjoy the sound of the electric motors as well as the other posters mentioned.
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