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Portland, OR:

Off-peak: $0.04 including transmission and distribution charges
mid-peak: $0.15 including transmission and distribution charges
peak: $0.20 including transmission and distribution charges

Very easy, in my case, to only charge off-peak (10pm to 6am and Sundays)
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kWh rate in Sacramento

Our publicly owned utility has time of use metering for EV users: 12am - 6 am is $0.071 per kWh.
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Scottsdale: $0.069 per KWh off peak in the winter. $0.74 off peak in the summer.
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Palo Alto (which has its own utility, not PG+Evil) doesn't distinguish times of day but it has two tiers:
$0.12871 per kWh with a limit of 11kWh/day in a month, at which point tier 2 kicks in: $0.19279 per kWh

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SF PGE transmission +CleanPower Generation

EVA time of use plan
$0.1250 off-peak summer
$0.1546 off-peak winter
Off-peak is M-F 11pm - 7am, SatSun all times except 3pm - 7pm
PGE will close this plan to new enrollments beginning 7/1/19

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Originally Posted by McRat View Post
We have both home and work to deal with, and they are very different. This is Southern California with over 20,000,000 people.

Time Of Use plan allows us to charge from 10pm to 8am cheaply. This is also a good time to run other electric devices such as pool pumps, washers, dryers, dishwashers that have timed start functions. It's roughly 0.13/kWh for power+distribution+fees last I looked.

There is a 20kW peak draw cutoff which forces you into a Demand Based Tariff. This is $200/month for the meter, $17.32/kW for the draw, and 0.075/kWh for the actual electricity consumed.

To give you an idea how this effects EV charging by businesses, Let's say your normal bill is $2000 in the 4 month summer tariff. And now you want to all EV charging with a bank of 3 x 7kW EVSEs.
Before you pay for a single kWh of EV juice, just to have 3 cars plugged in at the same time for 15 minutes during the month is $363.72 plus whatever power costs and the capital costs of the equipment. Assume each car loads up on 10 kW average (people will try and fund their EV charging at work), that would be $45/month for the power, or $410m / 3 = $34 a week for a 30 mile round trip commute. Gas is $4/g here, so that would be $20/week if they were driving a 30 mpg car.

You can see where this is a business decision that amounts to a donate to the SCE.

We fought back, and went all LED, rotary compressor, R-22, 4 high efficiency ACs, and 24.2 kW (rated peak) of solar array.

Of course SCE charges us a money fee for having solar, and the permit was over $2200, but all was well for the first year.
Then SCE decided that the cheapest power rate would be the daylight hours where solar power is produced. When the sun starts to set, they rape you.
Sound nice? It's not. A well engineered solar, overproduces from 10am to 2pm on a typical day. Overproduction value is now less than 1/2 what they used to allow for.
So the new TOU windows and permit fees, and monthly fees, and Demand Tariffs all create a situation where it is not a good business decision to have EVSEs for your staff or solar on your roof.
This was totally different in 2015, before California attacked Green Technology for businesses.

If California Day time power is so freakin' cheap, then why shouldn't I put in a DCFC? Because the power is cheap, but you cannot afford to dispense it at 50kW. That's $866 / month for the first 15 minutes of use.
OH!! Sign up for a separate EV plan. Figure $4000 infrastructure, $25,000 for the device, then it would actually cost more to charge cars. Remember that $200 Meter Fee? Now you pay it twice, and still pay the demand fees.
WOW JUST WOW, and I thought CA was all in in supporting EV, and thought New York was the pits in comparison. What a mess @McRat .
Here in NY (if I can ever get the TOU meter installed and provisioned (I have been waiting 4 months) it is $0.10 kwh for peak and only $0.01 kwh for Off-peak from midnight to 6 am. Until Summer and then it jumps to $0.20 kwh peak and $0.08 off-peak.

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California is really big into making speeches to get us to agree to more taxes, then spending the taxes on their friends.

It happens to all programs, but even I thought that EVs and Solar would be immune due to the mountains of rhetoric and hundreds of millions spent preparing for EV Corridors, EV endorsement, and Solar mandates.

But no. A Sacramento/SF politico can smell a dollar bill in the bottom of a landfill. They are vampires that feed off green ink used in money. They cannot help themselves. The reason they haven't solved the Using The Sidewalks As Toilets issue in the richest area of the US, is because they haven't come up with a way to fund their vacations with a solution.
Perhaps they will fly to Paris for a few weeks to see how Paris handles their restrooms and then they will do something.
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