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Originally Posted by CyberSlug View Post
Creep mode not remembering it is On in 19A seems to be a fairly well known issue on the UK board. I have it turned off on mine so that particular bug won't bother me, but I can see it being very frustrating to those that want it on.
Interesting - The release S19A_19.07.2-312706 was supposed to fix some of these things specific to the EV (I-Pace)
Display will now work in low power mode.
Electric Vehicle (EV) button is now available on the Touchscreen (PHEV vehicles only).
Creep Mode not correctly displaying in the Touchscreen.
Estimated time to charge is no longer displayed unless a charging cable is connected to the vehicle.
Regenerative braking state can now be selected on-screen at start up
The more recent release - S19A_19.11.4-330884 has no fixes specific to EVs.

It's odd that the fix describes the fix as a display problem, whereas the behavior seems to affect the saved settings ie turning off creep mode between starts. I couldn't find anything else in Topix related to a reporting problem, so I don't know if the UK folks have reported to the dealers yet.

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It’s kind of annoying that creep mode now turns off every time. Couple times I forgot to turn it in as I started my trip and my car rolled backwards on ramps in traffic. I didn’t like that. I hope Jaguar is working on a fix soon.
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2 different issues

Originally Posted by Sbingham60 View Post
Interesting - The release S19A_19.07.2-312706 was supposed to fix some of these things specific to the EV (I-Pace)
Creep Mode not correctly displaying in the Touchscreen.
A bit late but maybe I can clarify... From my own experience (on S18D & 14.2) I can report that the Creep Mode information is displaying incorrectly but is working (sort of) fine and is remembered when switching the car off.

I have creep mode on but after starting the car it is displayed as "OFF" - but kind of greyed-out. At this point the setting can't be changed and there is an information that the vehicle has to be in P in order to change the mode. Which makes no sense as the car is already in P right after switching it on. The setting stays greyed-out even if putting the car in D and then back in P. Only after driving some and then putting it in P the setting becomes active (the darker overlay removed) and auto-magically switches from "OFF" to "ON".

To me this looks as if a system variable isn't populated during the boot procedure and the display falls back to showing the default "OFF" value and not the actual setting (creep mode on and working fine!) Seems the variable is only updated with the actual setting when entering a "real" P state. Which in turn implies that this also isn't implemented correctly, see switching from P to D and back to P right after vehicle start... So it really depends on WHEN you put the car in P - or maybe I just wasn't patient enough.

I was interpreting the "Creep Mode not correctly displaying" information as that they fixed this in S19A. Haven't updated yet so I'm still guessing/interpreting...


As CyberSlug and Abs2780 stated JLR seem to have introduced an new bug with the latest (?) S19A version that makes the I-PACE actually forget the current setting when powering off the car.

At least on startup the car now ALWAYS displays the correct creep mode = OFF setting ........ ;-)

I haven't updated to S19A_19.11.4-330884 yet for fear this new bug will be hitting me - although there are a (very) few owners reporting that after updatingto S19A (which exact version?) their creep mode settings are remembered just fine...

Glad if anybody already on S19A_19.11.4-330884 and with Creep Mode still working fine could report back here...
Or report the exact S19A version that broke the setting.


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C'mon boys just embrace high regen and those issues won't affect you
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I brought my car in for a software update and creep mode stopped working on vS19A
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That is actually not correct, I drive with full regen, but after updating from 18D to 19A after a black screen incident, not sure of the exact versions, creep mode is disabled just as mentioned in the thread. And it was the rolling backwards thing that told me something was not as I was supposed to be.

And when already writing, I also experience the same noises and “quirky” behavior as mentioned, especially when starting to revers with the wheels turned. It’s like an instant lock, just a if I open the door in my MB GLA before the car has come to a complete stop. That feature is known broken ribs 😋
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