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Originally Posted by Joshuableu View Post
When I was bored this weekend I looked at Autotrader and pulled all the I Pace's up for sale. There were 73 in total from what I saw at that time. Most of the listings had the car still yet to arrive at the dealer.
Today I did some random speculative calls to various dealers listing cars inbound in the next few days.
None of them are coming off MSRP. Most are adding on somewhat ridiculous aftermarket items such as, paint protection, Jag mud flaps, Jag storage organizers, Jag etc. to just increase profit. Most dealers seem to think all the I Pace's will be sold within a few days of hitting their dealership's. I have to agree.
I especially know that dealers in Illinois are not negotiating off MSRP as this is where I grew up and still have family back there. I had them price the I-Pace there vs. AZ and neither are coming off MSRP even for previous Jag owners.
Several weeks ago, my dealer complained out loud to me, a customer, about the paltry dealer markup. Said something like "I have to spend 10 grand* installing a charger and I'm barely making any money on this car as it is." To be sure, he loves the car, but the economics for him personally aren't great. I didn't get the sense he was making any of that up as a negotiating tactic.

That said, I'll find out if there's any price flexibility in about 4 hours. I pick mine up today at 10AM mountain time. So stoked...

*I don't remember exactly how much he said it was costing him for the charger, but it was something like that.
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