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After 4 weeks

I've now had my I-Pace for 4 weeks. Here are the things that have stuck out for me during the last 4 weeks.
Before purchasing the I-Pace, I found someone selling a brand new I-Pace bike rack. I bought it the day before I bought the car. US$250. I was off to a good start.
Bought the car from Livermore Jaguar. I took advantage of the 60 month 0% financing and financed the entire purchase.
I get free level 2 charging at work. Didn't know about this prior to buying the I-Pace. At home I have level 1 charging. Working on this. We have 8 stations at work and since I get in early I don't have an issue finding a spot and getting charged up by noon.
The navigation is nice. I wish it wouldn't say the streets in my neighborhood are all 40 MPH. I made a change in the online HERE Map Creator. I'm hoping that it will someday appear in a download.
The software is buggy. I've had quite a few issues. Some repeatedly, others randomly.
1. Incoming text message. Tried to have the message read. Failed. No audio for the next hour. This has only happened once.
2. Wife wanted to drive car, so I had her adjust the seat and save it in #2. Confirmation on screen. Went inside to shop and came back out. She pressed #2 and the seat went all the way forward pinning her to the steering wheel. She no longer wants to drive the car.
3. Farenheit to Celcius. Set the car to 70 F. Get in car later and it is 21 C. Turn knob and software tries to goes to 21 F. Can't. So software goes to Lo and cranks up AC & Max AC. This has happened 3 times.
4. Bike Rack interferes with back up sensors. Put car in Reverse and audible alert goes off. Press parking assist button to turn off assist and alert goes silent. Stop car, then go into reverse again. audible alert goes off and parking assist button is not active. Cannot turn off alert. Can use the mute button to lower volume, but nothing else. My number 1 issue.
5. After update (more about this later), need to reset most of my settings. Need to toggle settings for date, time, MPH as some screens are one way and others are another way. The Farenheit to Celcius issue has not returned. The My EV Widget is missing the settings icon (as others reported.)
Last week I had my car in for its first service. I needed to have 5 updates performed and I wasn't getting SOTA updates. Short story, sales guy said they were done and they were not done according to TOPIx. Scheduled this and asked for the latest versions of all softwares to be done.
When I returned to get my car, Incontrol TouchPro software was still on S18D. This resulted in a one hour debate on whether or not S19A was available and whether or not the work order was written correctly. The service tech said no, I said yes. I finally read to him the procedure requieh posted and before I finished, he said that was not what he understood as the process. We put my car back into the service stall, he logged into TOPIx and initiated the download of S19A_19.24.2-375121. Now I am up to date (except back-ordered port label and hood release cable) and the Software updates on power icon is no longer gray.
Two days after this, I had to make another service call. I was driving to working around 4:45AM and struck something in the road. Instant flat. Pulled over and tried to decipher the tire inflator. Took out my phone and lit up the tire. That's when I spotted the hole in the sidewall. I could put my finger through it. Crap. I pushed the roadside assistance button and on the second call I got a nice person who called for a flatbed tow truck. An hour later, another nice person explained that there are none available till after 8:00AM. I found out that I could call 911 and get the Freeway Service Patrol to move me from the highway. At 7:00AM I got a tow off the freeway to a parking lot. At 9:30AM, I got a tow to the dealership in San Jose. The next day, I got one new tire installed. US$320. And the car got washed. This has got to get better...
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I had a sidewall puncture in the first 4 weeks. Was able to get home and put a plug in it to hold about a week until the tire could be ordered in.
Some of the other quirks also. Still I would not trade the vehicle for anything else on the market.
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I'm not sure the end result of #2 is a problem. Heh...

For #4, have you tried toggling the parking aid on and then off again when it seems to be off but is still pestering you? I don't think there's a way to make it not re-engage automatically when selecting R.

My service department denies the existence of software updates too. We've had some amusing conversations where they often tell me stuff I know to be untrue based on the content of these forums.

Jaguar made a great car. It's a shame the car tries hard to make you not like it.

I hope your luck improves.
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2. Wife wanted to drive car, so I had her adjust the seat and save it in #2. Confirmation on screen. Went inside to shop and came back out. She pressed #2 and the seat went all the way forward pinning her to the steering wheel. She no longer wants to drive the car.

Can you please explain exactly how to do this. It sounds like an excellent feature :-)
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My wife kept trying and failing to program the seat. It pinned her forward. Then I actually programmed it correctly. No more pinning. SMH.

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