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New member from NL

Hi everyone,

We ordered our I-Pace HSE in caesium blue with full light leather interior and pretty much all the options except 22" wheels. Production date is 23 November and the delivery date (here in Holland) has been confirmed for 19 December, which is just in time for fiscal reasons. I understand that other countries' delivery dates have been pushed back to allow some more Dutchies (like us) to receive their cars before year-end. Jaguar will be delivering 3300 I-Paces in NL in the second half of 2018 - they are already worrying how on earth they're going to be able to (the highest number of cars Jaguar ever sold in a year in NL was c. 1400, in 2000 and 2017). And for 2019? NL will not be getting many (if any) I-Paces, I guess...

We're really looking forward to the car - we are trading in our nearly 5-year old Tesla Model S. We are electric converts from the go: the silence and effortless torque and power are so convincing, as are the controls (one-pedal driving, touchscreen). Will be interesting to see if Jag's infotainment is even a half-way match for Tesla's... And also, if the battery has the same long-term performance as that of the Tesla. It has shown hardly any degradation thus far, despite 140K km and 4.5 years of use in all conditions.

Here's the link to our configuration:

I hope to see the first real buyer pics and experiences up on the forum soon!

Ciao Kevin
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Hello and welcome!

Yes, I've seen news stories that 3500 have been allocated to NL for 2018, and understand the reason.

Hopefully, scheduling is now rather stable.

Also, it appears that battery degradation has not been an issue generally, from Leafs to Teslas . . . which is good news for everyone.
And so we are also seeing better-stated warranties (except Tesla, go figure).

In any case, all the best with your order; and if helpful the UK forum (which I visit regularly) has many updates from folks in the UK and NL . . .

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Welcome to the forum Kevin and glad to hear you've placed an order. Every single head to head I've seen that puts the I-Pace against a Tesla, has the Jag come out on top. And I'm not going to lie that the quality control issues coming out of the Model 3 are a little concerning.
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Originally Posted by ChargedUp View Post
Every single head to head I've seen that puts the I-Pace against a Tesla, has the Jag come out on top.
Range, Availability of rapid charging, early-Taper during rapid charge, low capacity of onboard charger are all negatives for Jag in my book, and there are unknowns such as battery degradation and whilst reliability is expected to be good, from Jag, this is a brand new project for them so may well be some unknowns.

Lots to like about Jag, but to think that its a slam-dunk compared to Tesla is, I think, naive. Jag is pushing back delivery dates, back tracking on allowing test drives, which all looks a bit knee-jerk to me.

Also lots of happy Tesla drivers ... the horror stories are the ones that make the press, and plenty of people also have those about Jag in general. I personally think that Jag makes, on average, nice cars of good quality, but that hasn't been everyone's experience. Same with Tesla. I had zero defects on collection, and have had nothing of that nature to complain about since. I have had a fault on the beam headlight, but that is the only significant fault in 50,000 miles of motoring (other than long time to make a service appointment, and other growing-pain support issues), and amongst Tesla drivers I know I'm not alone ... so stories that quality is 100% rubbish are definitely not true. Not to say that it couldn't be improved, nor that there are not some/or more quality complaints.

A significant problem with EVs is that they are so quiet that all sorts of noises and rattles, which would go unheard in an ICE, are an annoyance that requires a service visit to get fixed, and that mucks up the Stats too. I had a windscreen replaced (stone crack). The normal AutoGlass people did it, and after a week I had rattles and squeaks and decided there was no point getting Autoglass to fix it as I figured that they might not know how, so I took the car back to Tesla and their fix has been fine ever since. Maybe Autoglass could have fixed it too ... I didn't ask them to try. These are all new problems for established ICE, but newbie-EV, makers to have to learn how to solve
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Welcome to the forum!
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