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range as function of speed

I have noticed in my A3 etron that the range decreases dramatically as my freeway speed increases.
It has been my sense that the drop in efficiency is larger than with a gas engine.
Excuse me, I mean 'petrol' engine.

It has now occurred to me that this is because when you coast with a petrol engine it's neutral.
Whereas if you coast with an electric motor that's doing regen you have the same loss of efficiency as when the motor is powering the car.

Soooo .. the difference between, for example, 65 and 75mph in fuel economy for a gas engine is smaller than that for an e-motor. By my calculations, on the iPace, going 75 vs 65 will reduce your range by just under a third! (That's a lot.)

I would be very interested to hear about robust empirical data from Tesla owners: if you really know your average speed and consumption, and you do the 65 vs 75 mph comparison, what's your range difference?
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