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Drove the I-Pace today!!!!

Today I was lucky enough to drive the I-Pace. Coming from a F-Pace I easily adapted to the controls and the nav system. Having the second screen for the climate control is a huge enhancement as it allows you to easily change the settings without having to go to any additional menus. The car is stupid quick off the line and you no longer will have to worry about passing another vehicle as power is no issue. Handling was superb as the car seemed like it was on a track. For those of you worried about the beeping sound when backing up, I wouldn’t worry about it as the sound is very faint. We started out with regenerative braking on low but as soon as we changed it to high, it was a difference of night and day. At first I didn’t know if I would like the braking feature but as I drove it more I easily got used to it and only used my brake to come to a complete stop. The artificial sound that has been added is hard to describe. As other people have described, it’s a cross between video games and some type of rumbling sound. I didn’t notice any issue with blind spots or restricted views. In summary end of October can not get here soon enough. To say I was pleased and impressed is an understatement. Jaguar has created the ideal combination of luxury, performance and efficiency. Just my 2 cents 😁
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