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Originally Posted by TeslaOwner View Post
If you haven't had a test drive in a Tesla I recommend that you do. I'm not wanting you to buy one, but I think the comparison would be interesting and Tesla Sales won't be giving you the hard sell that dealer-franchises do - although having a reason why you would not be buying "yet" might shorten the conversation ... The Jag is mid 4S 0-60 I think? whereas the Model-S is high 2S and launch is a proper roller-coaster type feel (different money for the top-end Model-S and the Jag of course, so not a fair comparison other than "just having done it" )

I reckon that all these "Sports Electric Salons" are going to be similarly astonishing to ICE drivers (of the PetrolHead flavour), and probably worth having a comparison point (now that there is more than one to choose from). I think the Tesla "wallows" when pushed (and yet it gets round corners faster than it feels to me that it will be comfortable with [low centre of gravity]), bur my comparison-point is different as I come from smaller hatch - RS4 and the like - and my in-the-garage toy is a Lotus-7 kit thingie with 300 BPH Rover V8 ... which isn't anything like driving an EV either! albeit also a low 3Sec 0-60
I feel you are ok balanced in your posts, but I still feel that you believe/hope Tesla is better than I-Pace? I have had test drives in both and they are both good cars. I don't yet own an I-Pace, and might even cancel it because of delay, so I don't feel biased the one way or another. Tesla might be quicker, but 1,5 second 0-60 mph is hardly a deciding difference in this segment? The Tesla is maybe more "techy", but do you think the Tesla is more comfortable than the I-Pace and with more exclusive interior? Why do you care if people buy a Tesla or an I-Pace? "Better" is subjective from person to person. I know you like to write, but I don't want a big discussion.
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